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How to speed up or slow down video online

Updated October 30, 2022
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An image of the speed selector editing tool.

Want to speed up or slow down a video? Whether you’re creating a slow-mo epic fail or timelapse-style video, edit with more control with Clipchamp’s speed selector. Adjusting the speed of your video can change the mood, tone, and even turn your audio into sounding like a chipmunk. 

Read on to learn how to speed up or slow down a video or audio with Clipchamp.

How to change the speed of your video in Clipchamp

Step 1. Add your media to the timeline

Drag and drop your media files onto the timeline. Collapse the left sidebar by clicking on the arrow when you’re finished.

Image of a user adding media to the timeline.

Step 2. Select your asset and speed tab 

Click on the media asset you would like to edit the speed of on the timeline. Your asset will highlight in green once selected. Editing options will appear on the right side of the editor. Click on the speed tab to launch speed controls.

Image of a user clicking on a video on the timeline, then clicking the speed tab.

Step 3. Edit the speed of your video

It’s time to speed up or slow down your video. Drag the speed slider left and right to adjust the speed. Choose from 0.1x to up to 16x speed options or input a specific value

NOTE: Editing the speed of your clip will also edit the length of the asset on your timeline. The faster the speed, the shorter the video clip, and the slower the speed, the longer the video clip.

Image of a user using the speed slider.

Repeat the above steps to edit the speed of multiple assets like audio.

Image of a user using the speed slider to edit audio.

Step 4. Save and share your video

Click the Export button to save your new video, then select a video resolution. We recommend saving your video in 1080p video resolution. Share your video directly from the editor using Clipchamp’s saving integrations.

An image of a user exporting their video.

How to undo speed selector changes 

If you want to undo the changes you have made to your video or assets, simply use the undo and redo button on the editor. You can also use Command + Z or Control + Z on your keyboard or delete your media from your timeline and re-add it.

An image of a user clicking the undo button.

Frequently asked questions

Is the speed selector free?

Yes. Clipchamp’s speed selector feature is free for all users. To check out Clipchamp pricing, head over to our pricing page.

Can I slow down my video and not slow down the attached audio?

Yes. If you would like only to slow down or speed up your video and not the audio, detach your video audio. Once you have separated your audio, speed control will only apply to the asset which is highlighted green.

Can I edit the speed of a GIF or GIPHY sticker?

Yes. The speed selector can edit any moving asset in the editor, like videos, audio, SFX sounds, GIFs, stickers, and more. The speed controller function will not work on images or text.

In a few clicks, emphasize the mood and comedic tone of your video by effortlessly adjusting the speed. Start creating high-quality videos today with Clipchamp.

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