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We've integrated with TikTok to help your videos reach more viewers. Easily create content in Clipchamp and post to the world's fastest growing social platform.

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A new video #challenge

TikTok is the trendsetter for video content. Add the internet's favourite app to your repertoire to avoid missing out. Get inspired to create fresh, topical, joyful videos.

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The best Duet yet

Get the best of both worlds. Edit your video with Clipchamp's pro-style features, then add unique to TikTok touches like trending sounds or songs.

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Easy video sharing

With our integration, it's quick and simple to send videos from Clipchamp to TikTok. Never worry about chasing files and downloads again.

Start with a TikTok template


Create a video using a template

To get started, log into Clipchamp. Then, explore our TikTok templates to fast-forward your video creation. Next, upload your own media or explore our stock, and customize your video with text and effects.

A screenshot of the Clipchamp video editor with a TikTok video templates open. Videos, text, and music is on the timeline.


Export and send to TikTok

When you're happy with your video, hit export and select 720p resolution. On the export page, click send to TikTok to connect to your account and share your video.

A screenshot of a video on the export page, the send to TikTok option is highlighted.


Post your video on TikTok

Check your TikTok account for a notification that confirms you've received your Clipchamp Video. From here, you can edit further with features unique to TikTok and post to your account.

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Try our tutorial

Need help using our TikTok integration? We've got you covered. Explore our tutorial blog to learn a little about this fast-growing social platform, and get the step by step walkthrough for how to send Clipchamp videos to TikTok.

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