AI video editing

Enhance your video editing with AI-powered features in Clipchamp.

Preview of auto-captioning AI video editing tool in Clipchamp

AI video editor

  • Unleash your inner director with our AI video editor that can easily create engaging short videos for you.  

  • Pick a video style, add a mix of photos and videos and let the AI movie magic happen! 

  • Create and save eye-catching slideshow videos, travel videos and social media content in a few clicks. 

An image of the AI video editor window where users add media and get started in Clipchamp video editor

Text to speech

  • Join a TikTok trend or make a business video with the versatile AI voiceover maker.

  • Choose from hundreds of lifelike AI voices in a range of languages.

  • Adjust the pace, pitch, and select neutral, feminine or masculine tones to suit your video needs.

An image of the voiceover feature in Clipchamp.


  • Improve your video's accessibility and engagement with smart AI autocaptions.

  • Create captions in over 80 languages accurately with our secure voice detection technology.

  • Adjust the font style, color, alignment and size to perfectly complement your video content.

An image of the autocaptions feature.

Speaker coach  

  • Get real-time feedback on every camera recording and become a confident and engaging speaker!

  • Check the pace and pitch of your speech and re-record yourself to suit your video needs.

  • Find out what filler words you repeat and rectify them to increase your presentation's impact.

An image of the speaker coach feature in Clipchamp.

Silence removal

  • Improve your video’s clarity and focus, maintain high-quality, and maximise productivity by automating the editing of silent sections.  

  • Use silence removal to automatically create a transcript in any language, filter profanity, then let AI find your silences that are 3 seconds or longer.  

  • Preview pauses and accept suggestions to suit your video needs.

An image of a user removing silences.

Background removal

An image of a user removing the background of an image.

Coming soon to Clipchamp


...and so much more!

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