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5 Key Tips to Create Effective Training Videos with Screen Recorder

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Screen recording is an essential tool for video makers everywhere. What makes screen recording even more ideal is when you can capture video and audio right inside your computer—making training videos, video presentations, product demos, corporate videos and educational videos a piece of cake with video overlay effects.

The biggest challenge for effective training videos is how to deliver information so that it’s easily remembered. Simply put, training videos are a video presentation on how to do something—be it baking a cake, learning how to operate machinery or installing a new electronic device. The difference between an effective training video and a not-so-effective one all comes down to using the right video editing program and how the information is communicated in fun and engaging ways. 

Read on as we explain how to create a winning video presentation for a host of effective training videos—including employee training videos, corporate training videos, explainer videos and more!

Training videos with boss-5 Key Tips to Create Effective Training Videos with Screen Recorder-Clipchamp blog

1. Show and Tell

The best training videos feature a mix of visual and audio—helping the viewer to both see and hear the information. In a study conducted by Pew Research, it was found that 87% of users said that YouTube is important for helping them figure out how to do things they haven’t done before.

Creating effective training videos can help your business in a variety of ways; by driving traffic to your website, reducing the demands of the tech/customer support team, improving customer satisfaction, helping with your Google ranking and ultimately, help educate your customers! Using Clipchamp’s Screen Recorder you can both show and tell by being able to record and share what’s happening on your screen. 

2. Video editor techniques 

Let’s highlight key video editor tips and techniques for training videos created with an online screen recorder:

  • Text overlay

Adding text over your video can really aid in driving the message home and helping the viewer to retain key information. Text overlays are also handy to introduce speakers on screen or give context to a location or scenario. With Screen Recorder you can add fun filters and overlay motion text to your video with ease!

  • Annotations & Animations

For example, arrows and call-out boxes are a great way to draw the viewer's attention to certain things in your video presentation. In the same fashion, adding simple animations can bring your video to life, making it more memorable and engaging. 

  • Branding

Adding your brand or company logo as a video overlay to the beginning and end of your video or even as a watermark overlay throughout your video is a great way to build brand recognition.

  • Show your face

Help the viewer connect with your messaging by speaking directly to the camera. Use our webcam recorder to capture your explanation then use our video editor program to cut to that footage throughout the video presentation at opportune moments. And, take notes here on shooting interviews and ‘talking head’ footage.

Tip: for a corporate training video or employee training video this is a good opportunity to use video to introduce the company CEO or to interview various company team members. 

3. Plan it out 

Like with any video, your video presentation needs to have a start, middle and end. Don’t forget to storyboard your explainer videos—a clear structure will help your viewer follow along. It can be a simple list and or sketch out of your ideas and what needs to be covered in the video presentation. Because your training video will have online screen recordings, jot down what needs to be captured via screen recorder and webcam recorder, plus any key video overlays and key video edits that need to happen.

4. Make the mundane more interesting! 

Let’s face it, sometimes learning practical things can send us all to sleep. We’re not suggesting you take cues from this laugh-out-loud but ultimately pretty non-effective training video from Wendy’s circa 1990s (sometimes you need more than a fun chorus when it comes to handling hot beverages!) 

But, training videos and video presentations can be created in a fun way to help the viewer remember important information or help convey company culture and ways of doing things, like this clever Air New Zealand safety video:

5. Quality sound

Screen Recorder makes audio recording easy too—Clipchamp’s online screen recorder means you can seamlessly capture audio from inside your browser tab as well from your computer microphone for easy voiceovers. Just remember to follow our tips on voiceovers and record in a quiet location for the best results! 

As the ultimate video presentation maker tool, Clipchamp turns screen recording into a breeze—our online screen recorder works in your browser for free, no need to download or switch between software. Simply create or login to your Clipchamp account, create a new project, and hit screen record without or without sound. You can then add your screen recording to any project, edit it, share and export it—all in one easy video editing program with Clipchamp! 

Check out our handy guide on how to How to Screen Record Online for more and start making training videos today!

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Written by Rachel Surgeoner on February 14, 2021
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