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7 amazing explainer video examples and tips to inspire you

Posted November 27, 2023

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Proposing a new idea to your team, or showcasing a new product or service to your viewers? Quickly and easily inform your audience while making a lasting impression with professional explainer videos.

We’ve curated a list of beginner-friendly ways you can creatively present information online in your next explainer video. Using high-quality stock videos paired with online webcam recordings and AI voiceovers, bring your demo explainer video ideas to life using an easy video editor like Clipchamp. Add final touches like text animations, graphics and stickers, and add autocaptions for accessibility.  

Read on to explore 7 explainer video ideas you can create for free with Clipchamp.  

7 inspiring explainer videos and how to create them 

1. Product demo explainer video

If you want to promote a new product, a demo explainer video can be the most useful to your viewers. Demo videos can explain the key benefits of your product and how it can help your audience, going beyond just listing key features. Using high-quality video footage, animations, or screen recording walkthroughs, demo videos can be shared on any platform in a range of different video sizes and lengths.  


2. Screen recording explainer video 

Capture and share activities taking place on your computer or mobile device with a screen recorder. From gaming walkthroughs to software guides and how-to procedures, easily create digestible content with great visual guidance using the screen recording feature. All you have to do is record your video, add transitions between screen recording clips and add helpful animated titles. You can also add a webcam overlay for a personal touch and share directly to YouTube.

3. Sales explainer video

Promote your latest sale event or new product and service with an eye-catching explainer video for social media. Using fast-paced clips and aesthetic filters, showcase your sales promotion while explaining how the product solves customer pain points in seconds. Add strong call-to-actions so your viewers know how to buy. Such explainer videos work well on Instagram so trim clips fit with Instagram’s video guidelines and add background music to hook viewers. 

4. Brand story explainer video

Emotionally connect with your audience while showcasing your brand’s mission, history and values with a brand story explainer video. Add a friendly face using an online webcam recorder. Consider adding autocaptions to make your brand story easy to watch even if the video is on mute, and place on-theme stickers for more engagement on social media. 

5. Animated explainer video

Communicate your message in an entertaining, informative and snackable animated explainer video. Animations can also make complex topics easy to understand. Some brands use animated characters, but you can make an engaging explainer using titles, motion graphics and animated stickers that complement your visuals and narration. Try out the logo animation feature and add text animation to your video today.  

6. User generated explainer video

Build trust between your brand and viewers by re-sharing authentic user generated content on social media you get tagged in. #UGC videos can be both paid and unpaid. They’re trending upwards as they don’t necessarily look like a sponsored video ad. Creators and influencers can help you explain your brand, share your message, and promote your products automatically. Just re-share UGC videos on social media, adding call-to-actions or discount codes with animated text. You can even resize videos for free to suit any social media platform.  

7. Customer support explainer video

Educate your customers on how to use a specific product or service or troubleshoot common issues with a customer support explainer video. Just like frequently asked questions, customer support explainer videos can help your customers in an easy-to-understand format and improve customer experience. Just use stock videos and backgrounds, and overlay images, text, and more using the picture-in-picture technique.  

How to make a video with Clipchamp in 2 minutes  

Learn how to make your very own explainer video with Clipchamp in our 2 minute YouTube tutorial for beginners.

For more ways to create on-brand videos, check out creating video presentations and using the brand kit.  

Start editing today with Clipchamp or download the Clipchamp Windows app.  

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