Make Demo Videos to Boost Your Sales 

Create a demo video with Clipchamp for any business from Ecommerce to SaaS to help potential customers understand your product’s features and watch your conversions skyrocket.

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Can demo videos improve your sales? Yes! 


Highlight key features, benefits, and even technical components to potential buyers with a demo video.

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Stand out

Beat your competitor’s lengthy text descriptions by creating an engaging demo video that addresses every customer pain point.

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84 percent of customers reported buying a product after watching a demo video. 

How to make a demo video


Identify your target audience and video marketing goal


Film your product video footage (a smartphone will do!)


Drag your video, audio, photos, and titles into the timeline and export your demo video.

Identify your target audience and video marketing goal-Make Demo Videos to Boost Your Sales -Clipchamp landing page

Types of demo videos you can make with Clipchamp

How-to demo videos

Create a simple and effective video showing your product in action. If you’re showcasing a software or website, use our free online screen recorder.

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360 style product demo videos

Place your product on a neutral surface and rotate the camera or smartphone 360 degrees to capture the product.

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Green screen demo videos

If your video background isn’t great, use our free online green screen video editor to change backgrounds or remove a chosen color from your footage, then replace it with another video or image.


Need more inspiration on how to make product demo videos?

Learn about the benefits of making product demo videos and more in Our Guide to Producing Product Demo Videos.

Our Guide to Producing Product Demo Videos


  • If your demo video is more like a video tutorial, check out our step-by-step guide to using screen recorder to make demo videos.

  • Read our guide on how every business owner can record an amazing voiceover for a product demo video.

  • The answer is yes! The more videos you make, the more traffic you receive. Potential customers are more likely to visit your website after finding your video on Youtube or other social media channels.

Boost your sales with exciting demo videos made in Clipchamp!