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6 inspiring promo video ideas for your business

Updated November 17, 2022

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Want to start creating promo videos for your business but stuck for ideas? We’ve curated a list of popular video promos that have served their businesses well. Video marketing can boost your business—so looking up video ideas before getting started is worth it. A well-made sales ad or product announcement can drive revenue, while a behind-the-scenes look can build interest in your community. Luckily, Clipchamp has a library of free designer video templates to help you start creating when you’re ready.  

Explore how different businesses use promos to hook their viewers and learn how to plan a scroll-stopping video without spending big bucks. 

Video promos that won the internet

1. Squarespace

Pre-roll promo video ads are the perfect way to engage your audience on YouTube. In 30-seconds, Squarespace’s promo video enlightened viewers about their story, challenges, and success with visuals and an AI voiceover. Viewers can easily navigate how to learn more about the company with three clear CTA’s at the end of the ad.

2. Paola and joy

Aesthetic and informative 15-second Instagram ads are becoming the go-to way to promote brands online. Paola and joy capture the attention of Instagram scrollers by showcasing their product up close, in detail, and from afar.

3. showcases its customer's pain points by creating a video promo with emotion and relatability. Stop the scroll and create a video promo that gives viewers a quick and easy solution.

4. Verge girl 

Jump on the TikTok trend train and create a short and shareable TikTok video promo. Create a simple video promo in just a few clicks like Verge girl. All you have to do is record your product in short clicks, merge them, and share them with TikTok.


The dress of dreams just got dreamier. Now available in Orange. As seen on @eileencassidy_

♬ Promoted Music - vrg_grl

5. Zendesk

Don’t just sell a service or product to consumers; sell better communication and fun brand imagery. Connect with your audience emotionally, as Zendesk has in this unique video promo.

6. Hefty brands

Extremely short but incredibly engaging video promos are the answer for your business. Beat the dreaded skip button on YouTube and promote your business in under 6-seconds like Hefty brands.

Elements of a good promo video

Make professional promo videos that don’t break your budget with Clipchamp’s ready-to-use video templates. There's limited effort required with various themes, genres, events, and business-style templates to choose from. So, what should you include in your video promo? Let’s take a look at our helpful requirements: 

  • Include your brand logo to make your content recognizable.

  • Add your website address so viewers can easily go to your shop.

  • Insert social media handles to encourage interested views to follow you. 

  • Share your business's address.

  • Show any call-to-actions like “Buy now” to direct viewers to take action and become customers.

How promo videos can benefit your business

Viewers can turn into long-term customers from a good first impression. So creating a relevant video promo for your target audience can capture prospects’ attention in seconds and convert them into paying customers. Promo videos are your opportunity to introduce your brand, talk about your purpose and goals, and solve pain points. Video marketing, like testimonials and explainer videos, can also make your website more likely to rank on any search engine.

Frequently asked questions

How is a B2B promo video different from a B2C promo video?

B2B promo video will utilize online platforms to sell products or services to other businesses, establishing long-lasting relationships with prospects and consumers. B2C promo videos target eCommerce personal consumers with a focus on driving traffic and growing brand awareness and sales.

Is Clipchamp free to make video promos?

Yes. Clipchamp’s video editor is free, but some templates may contain premium stock. Clipchamp Premium plan subscribers can access this feature.

How long should a promo video be?

The length of your video promo can differ depending on the social media platform you’re publishing to. For example, we recommend 15-second video ads for Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook and a maximum of 30-seconds for YouTube.

How to add a custom logo in Clipchamp?

You can manually upload custom fonts, colors, and logos using the Brand kit in Clipchamp. Clipchamp Premium plan subscribers can access this feature.

Create a promo video ad today

Build your brand awareness and turn viewers into loyal customers with promotional videos. Keeping in mind our video examples and helpful promotional video tips, successfully create memorable videos in no time. If you’re a video editing beginner, check out how to create videos using templates

Make memorable branded promo videos with Clipchamp.

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