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Inspiring promo videos ideas to push your business further

Posted March 1, 2021
Written by Rachel Surgeoner
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At Clipchamp, it’s our business to make it easy for your business to create an epic promo video. Read on as we discuss what a promo video is and why your business needs one (or more!). We’ll cover: 

  • How a promo video can benefit your business

  • The difference between a B2B and B2C promo videos

  • 6 inspiring promo video examples

  • Using a Clipchamp Template to kickstart your promo video ideas

What is a promo video? 

There are many different types of videos you can create for your business. Demo videos, customer testimonials videos, the list goes on… all video marketing is created with the purpose to promote your brand in some way. What makes each type of promo video unique is the focus—an intro video for a great example of a promo video that’s purpose is to entice potential customers—but that doesn’t mean it’s a hard sell sales pitch either.

Creating the ideal promo video is unique to your business and the product or service you provide. 

Why does your business need a promo video?

For lots of B2B businesses clients often become long term customers so first impressions matter. This is your opportunity to introduce your brand, talk about your purpose and your business goals. Plus, did you know that having video marketing present on your website also makes you more likely to rank on any search engine’s first page?

Your promo video could be the best way to build brand awareness and generate enquiries yet! 

How a promo video can benefit your business

In today’s culture of TL;DR, your target audience has less patience when it comes to reading through your business mission statement.

If you’re wanting to get more eyeballs on your business and increase your click-through rate to your website landing page, a smart way to do this is, you guessed it, with a corporate promo video and a solid video marketing strategy (hint: more video)!

How is a B2B promo video different from a B2C promo video?

When marketing a business to a business (B2B) it’s not just about the price of your product or service—the key is how your business stands out and differentiates from the rest of the market. An example of a B2B business is a coffee manufacturer selling coffee beans to a coffee shop or a software app the coffee shop uses to take your order. Whereas B2C businesses sell products and services for personal use—that cup of coffee, or the phone and app you ordered the coffee on.

When creating a B2B promo video it’s not just about that one cup of coffee—it’s about fostering an ongoing relationship between the two businesses. Sure you want to have a lively sales pitch about your product or service, but you also want to convey the experience of working with the business as a partner. 

To help get all those engaging promo video ideas flowing for your business promo video, let’s take a look at these fine examples of B2B video marketing:

6 inspiring promo video examples

1. Squarespace: All You Need to launch series

Aside from being very aesthetically pleasing, these short pre-roll promo video ads make the YouTube ad viewing experience all the more tolerable. In 30 seconds they capture the story of a business, challenges and successes—with the message ‘all you need is a Squarespace online store’... 

2. “What’s why I use” 

Your classic frustrated and stressed office worker setting and the all-in-one solution to make workflow a breeze! is big on emotion and showing relatable and familiar office situations and a quick and easy solution to all those work woes! Plus, a great catch-phrase slogan!

3. Zendesk: Blurring the lines between business and romance 

In this creative video, it’s all about the giant metaphor in the room. What they’re selling isn’t just customer service software, they’re selling better communication and a fun brand image! 

4. Volvo Trucks: Bringing in the celebrity factor 

If you can get Jean-Claude Van Damme to star in your promo video, then you’re off to a good start! The messaging here is that Volvo is all about precision, that coupled with showmanship style stunt and an emotive soundtrack and you’ve got a glorious promo ad. 

5. Verisign: Fully commit to the story

This one is a bit of a ride-or-die video marketing strategy, the e-commerce company developed an entire campaign with a series of videos and even a (now defunct) microsite all about a guy called Liberty Fillmore the ‘Shopping Cart Whisperer’—the subtext here clearly about preventing those pesky abandoned carts for e-commerce businesses. Millions of views later, the kookiness sure paid off. 

And just for fun, this promo ad does conquer the topic of, ahem, taking care of business...

6. Poo~Pourri: Truth, but make it hilarious, relatable (and shareable!) 

The shining jewel of promo videos is surely the expertly executed ‘Girls Don’t Poop’ from—which resulted in a 90% sales increase

Ready to get creating a promo video that makes your business stand out?

Get ready to connect with your customer and maybe even go viral across social media!

With Clipchamp you can create a captivating business promo video that drives sales without leaving your web browser. You can shoot your own video or choose from Clipchamp’s wide range of promo video templates and royalty-free stock footage to get started instead.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get those video views rolling in! 

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