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How to add motion titles to videos and slideshows

Updated February 7, 2023
Written by Gladys Labsan
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Want to spice up your slideshow videos while making them more accessible and informative? With our endless range of unique motion titles, set the tone and communicate better with your viewers when the sound’s muted for free.  

Whether creating a holiday recap or educational slideshow, read on to learn how to add motion titles to your videos with Clipchamp.  

Add motion titles to slideshow videos

Step 1. Add your media 

To edit your slideshow video, upload your personal media or select stock footage.  

To upload your own media, click on the import media button in your media tab, drag and drop media from your files, upload using our integrations, or use the smartphone QR code. 

Alternatively, click the stock video tab and select any media asset from our royalty-free media library. Once selected, drag and drop your videos onto the timeline. 

Step 2. Add a motion title

To add text to your video or slideshow, click on the text tab on the toolbar to open the text options. Please scroll through our professionally made titles to find the right fit for your video.  

Click on the text style, then drag and drop it onto your timeline above the media assets. You can add text to your timeline by clicking the + add to timeline button.  

Step 3. Customize your motion title

To customize your text, click on the text on your timeline, highlighting it in green. Editing options will appear on the property panel. Here, you can edit what your text reads, the font, color, size, position, and design like filters and fades.  

Click on the text tab on the property panel. To edit your text, highlight the example text and rewrite your own. You can select a different font style and upload custom fonts with the brand kit feature.  

Step 4. Adjust the length of your motion title 

To edit the length of your title, click and drag the green handles. Drag to the right to make your title longer, or drag to the left to shorten the length of your title.  

Step 5. Export your slideshow video 

When you’ve finished editing and are happy with your final video, click on the export button and select a video resolution to save. We recommend exporting in 1080p video resolution for the best video quality.   

Become a motion titles pro

Frequently asked questions

Is Clipchamp’s slideshow maker and video editor free?

Yes. Clipchamp video editor is free for all users to create a slideshow, add motion titles, and export videos in 1080p video resolution.

Can I add images to my slideshow video?

Yes. You can upload your own videos, images, and audio to add to your video. Feel free to add any media asset like stock images, music, and video from our royalty-free stock library as well.

Can I add animation to any font in Clipchamp?

No. There are currently no animations to add to our motion titles. Alternatively, use existing moving motion titles like smoke, bouncing title, and make it glow, or add filters to your text.

No matter what genre of slideshow you’re creating, quickly level up your video with motion titles in Clipchamp. You can even further improve your slideshow with the help of our unique transitions to add between clips.  

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