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How to add motion titles to videos and slideshows 

Updated June 29, 2023
Written by Gladys Labsan
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Looking for ways to make your slideshow videos engaging and informative? Try motion titles. From social media travel videos to slideshows for school, choose from a range of moving text options and customize them to boost your video’s clarity and accessibility.  

Explore how to add moving text to slideshow videos like titles, credits, lower thirds and more text effects Clipchamp.  

How to add moving text to slideshow video

Step 1. Add stock video or import your video

Click on the stock video tab on the toolbar. Search the royalty-free video library using keywords to look for specific video categories or click on the see more button within a video category to expand it. Drag and drop your video onto the timeline. 

An image of adding stock video to Clipchamp editing timeline

To import your own media, click on the import media button inside the your media tab in the toolbar. Browse your files then click on the open button to import your media. Drag and drop your media onto the timeline.  

An image of importing your own video to Clipchamp video editor

You can also record a presentation video directly inside the video editor using the camera recorder. Click on the record & create tab on the toolbar, then click on camera, screen and camera, or screen. Follow the on-screen prompts to record your slideshow and facecam. 

An image of the screen and camera recording feature in Clipchamp

Step 2. Add text to your slideshow

To add moving text to video, click on the text tab on the toolbar. The text tab showcases all the animated text styles you can choose from. Scroll through the text categories to find the best fit for your video. Preview the titles by hovering over each text style.  

An image of adding motion titles to a video in Clipchamp

When you have selected a motion title for your video, drag and drop the text style onto the timeline above your video or click on the + add to timeline button.  

Add a motion title to video editing timeline by clicking the plus button

Step 3. Customize your moving text

To customize your text, click on the text on your timeline, highlighting it in green, then click on the text tab on the property panel. Here you can edit the text by highlighting the example text and rewriting with your own, edit the font, size, colors, and position. 

An image of writing the text, customizing the font, color and placement of a motion title in Clipchamp

If you’re using a lower third text style, make sure to add your text in the correct order. The top-line text will be bigger than the bottom-line text. Write your top line text, then click the enter or return key on your keyboard to move down to the second line. 

An image of writing top lower third text in Clipchamp

Some text options also have the floating toolbar attached to the video preview. You can use the floating toolbar to edit your motion title’s rotation, size, position, and add flips or mirror effects if the style allows it. Use the white corners to edit the size of your text and freely drag and drop the text around the video preview to move positions.

An image of adjusting text and titles by using the cursor on the preview stage in Clipchamp

Step 4. Move your text to a specific timestamp

Place your text bar above where you would like it to start in the video. You can move your text bar to a specific timestamp in the slideshow video, or just place it at the start of the timeline.  

An image of freely moving text to different timestamps in Clipchamp video editor

Step 5. Edit the length of your text 

Extend the length of the text by dragging the end of the green text handles to your desired length.   

An image of dragging green text handles to increase or decrease the duration in the video in Clipchamp

Step 6. Save your slideshow video

To save your slideshow video, click on the export button and select a video resolution. We recommend saving videos in 1080p for the best video quality to upload to YouTube or social media, or 4K if your video includes 4K video footage. 

An image of saving a video in 1080p for free in Clipchamp

For more help, check out adding titles and text to your video.      

How to add lower thirds to slideshows

If you’re looking to add captions or lower third graphics to your slideshow video, check out the creative lower third text styles under the captions category. Choose from subtitles, karaoke text, multiline, lower third split, rapid, and more.  

An image of lower third animated text title examples in Clipchamp

How to add effects to moving text

Level up your moving text by adding effects like blur, slow zoom, and green screen to your title.

Click on the effects tab on the property panel to view all the different effects options. Hover over the special effects to preview, then click on your desired effect to apply.  

An image of adding Glitch effect to a lower third animated text in Clipchamp

Motion titles to try in Clipchamp

Lower third split title

The lower third split title is ideal for adding value to educational slideshows or YouTube videos on travel and unboxing videos to express key information like a heading, speaker name, location, or chapter. To use the lower third split title, click on the lower third split title inside the text tab in Clipchamp.  

A GIF of lower third text animation in Clipchamp

Rapid text

The rapid text is the perfect title to use if you want to emphasize captions or highlight key moments of audio in your slideshow or video. To use the rapid title, click on the rapid title within the captions category in the text tab on the toolbar. You can even pair your rapid captions with sound effects to make your videos more engaging.  

A GIF of captioning or subtitle text animation in Clipchamp

Gliding title

The gliding title is a two-line moving text that is essential for titles, names, or highlighting text at the start of your video or slideshow. The motion text can be found in the two-line category in Clipchamp.   

A GIF of gliding text animation in Clipchamp

Frequently asked questions

Is Clipchamp’s slideshow maker and video editor free?

Yes. Clipchamp video editor is free for all users to create a slideshow, add motion titles, and export videos in 1080p video resolution.

Can I add images to my slideshow video?

Yes. You can upload your own videos, images, and audio to add to your video. Feel free to add any media asset like stock images, music, and video from our royalty-free stock library as well.

Can I add animation to any font in Clipchamp?

No. There are currently no animations to add to our motion titles. Alternatively, use existing moving motion titles like smoke, bouncing title, and make it glow, or add filters to your text.

Ready to add motion titles to your video using our slideshow video editor? Create captivating slideshow videos today with Clipchamp.

If you want to learn how to level up your video editing, explore more video editing tips on YouTube

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