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How to Add Transitions to Videos and Slideshows

Posted February 6, 2020
Written by Lana Sciasci
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Video editing on laptop.

Almost all videos and slideshows, from home movies to Facebook ads, are made up of multiple clips that need to be connected. By joining scenes together smoothly and logically, you can share a story with your audience that’s a pleasure to watch. The tool you’ll need to achieve this is transitions. In this post we’ll show you how to add transitions to your videos and slideshows in Clipchamp. 

What are transitions?

Transitions are an editing technique used to connect separate clips of footage or separate images. You’re probably familiar with the traditional fade in and fade out transitions used in cinema but now there’s a whole world of artistic transitions at your disposal including cross dissolves and screen wipes. The transitions you choose can also help to enrich the mood of your video or slideshow project.

Video and slideshow transitions example.

How to add transitions to your project

Step 1: Create an account

If you haven’t already, register for a free Clipchamp account to get started.

Create a free Clipchamp account page.

Step 2: Start a new editing project

Once you’ve logged in, select the Create a Video button and choose a format for your project, then the Clipchamp editor will open.

Start Clipchamp Create project.

Step 3: Import media

Click the Add Media button in the left toolbar and select the media you wish to use in your project. Once uploaded, your clips and images will appear in the editor. Alternatively, you can explore and select media from our extensive stock footage library by selecting the Stock button in the left toolbar.

Clipchamp upload media example

Step 4: Arrange your clips and images

Arrange your clips and images by dragging and dropping them on the editing timeline. 

Clipchamp drag and drop example

Step 5: Add a fade in/fade out

If you’d like to add a fade in or fade out transition to your video, simply click on your clip (a green highlight will appear around your selection) and a menu with editing options will pop up above the timeline. Then, select the Fade In/Out tab and adjust the duration (in seconds) as you like.

Clipchamp add fade in/fade out.

Step 6: Select transitions

Select a transition by clicking on the transition button in the left toolbar, your options will pop up above the timeline.

Clipchamp select video transition

Step 7: Place transitions

Once you’ve selected your transition, drag and drop it to your timeline between two clips (a green highlight will appear between your clips to direct you where to drop the transition).

Clipchamp add transition example

Step 8: Edit transitions

Click on the transition icon in your timeline to edit it. Here, you can adjust the duration (in seconds) and change the transition type if you’re not happy with what you chose. 

Clipchamp edit video transition.

Step 9: Review and complete

Now’s the time to play your video and review the transitions you’ve added. After you’ve completed your other editing and exported your project, you can enjoy your video. Take a look at our finished example below.   

Bonus Tip!

While they’re technically not transitions, overlays can be used to have a similar effect. To use an overlay as a transition, click the overlay tab in the left toolbar and select an option. Then, drag it above the two clips you wish to transition and place it at the centre (it won’t sit between the videos like the transitions do). 

Now that you’ve got a grasp on transitions, you can add them between as many clips as you like! Keep things consistent for a subtle editing approach or make a statement by mixing in a variety. If you run into any editing challenges, our Video Editing for Beginners Tutorial is a great resource to have on hand.

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