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What is a Video Montage? Tips to Make a Video Montage for Social 

Posted November 26, 2020
Written by Milind Mehta
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“Video Montage” – these words instantly take me to the opening sequence of Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris. It sets the mood for the rest of the film and establishes ‘Paris’ as a character in the film. If you want to be able to recreate the magic cast by montages, then this blog is just for you:

  • What is a Video Montage?

  • A brief history of montage style video editing 

  • Creative Montage Ideas for Social Media

  • Share Your Video Montage for Maximum engagement

What is a video montage?

A video montage is a series of images or shots that are edited together to create a sequence. These also help to convey larger information over a shorter period. Montages can also be helpful to showcase the passing time or to showcase story development.

It is not just a fancy slideshow or a photo collage as one might think. It’s a powerful storytelling tool that can be used to break creative barriers.

The most common video montages that we see are either on transformation videos of workouts or sports training.

We believe a little bit of planning goes a long way in creating an effective montage! This way a montage will contribute to the larger story.

A brief history of montage style video editing

Zoetrope example of montage What is a Video Montage Montage Maker Tips for Business and Social

The word montage is derived from the French verb ‘monter’ which translates as ‘To Assemble’.  Around the 1930s-1950s montages were employed to show how traveling across distances and changes in time. In 1942’s iconic movie Casablanca, the opening sequence overlays a globe with visuals of the location that changes simultaneously as the globe moves to travel across places. This technique is still relevant today.

Another famous montage sequence is from The Godfather in 1970s where the baptism of a child is intercut with a series of murders highlighting the rise of power. Then came Rocky in 1976, with the sports training montage that later became a staple to be used in every other sports film to show growth and progress over time. By the 1980s, montages were overused.

However, they have grown to be an extraordinary tool which is evident by their use to create highlights in Sports matches, Business Presentations, and even YouTube Gaming Videos. 

Is a photo or video montage effective for marketing your business and personal brand?

Yes! It's effective because creating a video montage for your business and personal brand not only highlights everything that your brand does, but also what it wants to say. For example, a brand can present its annual growth with just a blink of an eye using a good video montage maker. 

The tone of the montage helps the viewers understand the kind of culture, beliefs, or approach a brand has towards its goals. This can help you connect better to your target audience. 

Social media engagement depends on the length of the video as the attention span of the masses is generally sparse. By using video montages, one can summarize an entire message within a short video.

Creative Montage Ideas for Social Media 

Video Montages can easily evoke emotions as there is a lot of information being shared through visuals in a short time.

An iconic brand like Apple has been taking advantage of montages over time and they just keep getting better at it! The videos are peppy, stylish, and sum everything up about the product Apple has to offer. 

Right now gamers can create a video montage of their best shots to showcase their skills while also switching into their different gameplays. The video below highlights a montage of the game Fortnite.

Tinder’s collaboration music video with the LGBTQIA+ community celebrates Pride from Home during the pandemic. It also highlights the struggles, stories, and moments of joy among the community alongside the brand’s inclusivity and equality for all. This message is easily communicated quite easily due to a groovy song supported by a beautiful Video Montage. 

Choosing music for a montage is important 

What salt and pepper do to a salad, music does to a video montage. It’s a key ingredient for the perfect recipe. A good montage combined with good music with the help of a video montage maker can generate a lot of engagement. 

Alongside the improved visual experience, good music can support and provide a better experience adding more depth to the storytelling. You can find many such royalty free soundtracks on Clipchamp. It is a free video montage maker that can export quality videos seamlessly. The music needs to complement the video montage as it sets the tone and vibe of the video.

Bonus Tip: Once you select the music according to your requirement, try finding the beat or rhythm of the music then cut and place your footage at the exact beat drop! If you do this for every cut, you’ll find the flow you’re looking for in the video montage.

So, ready to start your montage with Clipchamp’s free montage maker?

Clipchamp’s free video montage maker is super user friendly. Here are the steps to create a montage:

Step 1: Log in to Clipchamp

Create an account for free, or sign in with your Google or Facebook account to get started.

Login to Clipchamp to create video montages

Step 2: Create a new video

Create a video button Clipchamp montage maker

Step 3: Add Your Media Files

Choose your Media Files that shall be a part of the video montage.  This is a very important step. You must keep in mind what goes on in your montage. Try not to make it look like a random slideshow!

Choose files to upload to Clipchamp montage maker

Step 4:  Arrange your footages according to the desired sequence

Once you have your footages in the library, putting them in order depending on your requirement should be the ideal way to approach them. Although, to spice things up you should look for a story development as well. 

Edit footage on Clipchamp montage maker

Step 5: Export and share – all done!

Click on the Export button and share on your social media handles! 

Share your video montages for maximum engagement 

Video montages constantly provide fresh information and development on visuals. This ensures that the viewers are hooked to the video looking for what's coming next. Montages have proven to be the to-go video format when all else fails.

It’s easy and it’s fun to edit as well as to watch. What are you waiting for? Sign up for Clipchamp completely free and create your first video montage now! 

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