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Record your voice from your microphone for free with guaranteed privacy.

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Beginner-friendly voice recording features

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Record securely and confidently

Record, retake, and save MP3 audio with no software installations required. Create voice recordings using your internal or external microphone on Windows and Mac devices with unlimited takes.

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Fine-tune voice recordings

Refine your sound with enhancement tips to improve the pace, tone, and clarity of your voiceover with speaker coach. Trim away long pauses, speed up slow narration, and boost audio volume in seconds.

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Add subtitles and transcripts

Add subtitles in any language to create more accessible voiceovers. Accurately generate a downloadable SRT transcript for your audio that’s completely editable too.

How to record your voice in Clipchamp

  • 1

    Select the audio recorder

  • 2

    Select your microphone source and speaker coach

  • 3

    Click the red button to start recording

  • 4

    Save your voice recording to the timeline

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Narrate your video footage

  • Narrate silent travel footage of peaceful landscapes with voice recordings. 

  • Make noisy vlogs with loud background sound easier to watch using voiceover narration. 

  • Tell the story behind the images in celebration and birthday montage videos with your voice. 

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Share learnings from anywhere

  • Record lectures and online teaching material faster and clearer using your mic recorder.

  • Highlight key points and make training tutorials easier to understand through voice narration.  

  • Keep corporate explainer videos consistent and professional with an MP3 voiceover.

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Capture a conversation

  • Capture the attention of your audience by voice recording clear podcasts.  

  • Emphasize important messages in slideshow presentations with audio recordings. 

  • Record professional interviews securely without leaving your browser using your microphone. 

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Need more help recording your voice online?

Head over to our helpful voice recorder guide to explore more audio tips and tricks.

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