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Get started with these YouTube video essentials

Planned content

The most engaging YouTube creators are often the most organised. Planning content ahead of time is critical to channel success.

Whether your channel hosts YouTube tutorials, unboxing videos or makeup vlogs, how each video fits within the bigger picture makes all the difference. Planned content helps keep your viewers engaged and keeps them coming back for more.

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Original branding

Logos, fonts, and colors establish a YouTube channel's identity. When done right, your branding sets you up for success.

YouTube video success often depends on brand identity. Stand out by adding logos to your videos, and mix in graphic elements your audience will recognize as yours over time. Good branding is a must especially for YouTube ads.

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High quality assets

Your videos should be pitch and pixel perfect for maximum YouTube watch-time.

You might have a great story and beautiful branding, but poor video and sound quality can render anything unwatchable. At the final stage of production, remember to download your high-quality assets in the right YouTube video format and the right file size.

Step 1

Upload media files or choose stock from our library

Once you're in the editor, you can simply choose and upload your own video and audio assets, and add them to your very own media library. If you're keen to explore a wider selection, head to the left-hand menu for the stock library tab where you’ll find a diverse variety of royalty-free assets. You may also begin creating videos using Clipchamp’s YouTube video templates.

Stock video in Clipchamp

Step 2

Add titles and captions to your YouTube video

To overlay your video with text, select the text tab from the left-hand menu. Inside, you’ll find a collection of animated text effects you can use for titles. If you want to add static subtitles to your YouTube video, scroll to bottom of the text library for the subtitle option.

Step 3

Sync your video and audio files on the timeline

Drag and drop your files to project timeline located at the lower half of the editor. Slice, trim, and sync your video and audio files together by using the editing tools. There are extra layers on the timeline, so feel free to overlay additional music to your YouTube video.

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Clipchamp Guide

The Ultimate Guide to YouTube Videos

Learn everything you need to know about how to make YouTube videos. Our ultimate guide demystifies the specifications and strategies you need to help your video (and business) climb up the YouTube charts.

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Blue trim icon

Trim videos

Take out the rough edges from your clips by trimming them on Clipchamp. Click on the clip once it’s on the timeline and drag either edge to the left or right, to trim or to extend.

Combine videos

Making YouTube videos by merging clips together is an easy drag-and-drop exercise on Clipchamp. Guide your clips from the media library to the editor timeline, and trim the excess.

Add branding

Business users can upload their logo inside the Clipchamp editor. Its size, positioning, transition, and more can be modified and saved for future videos.

How we can help

YouTube video editing, simplified

Clipchamp simplifies video-making by gathering modern editing essentials in one intuitive platform. The editor comes fully equipped with tools for trimming, splitting, cutting, speed control, title blocks, filters and more. Luckily for those using the Clipchamp video editor for YouTube, these tools can be easily navigated on the menu and timeline—no video-editing tutorials and explainers required.

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