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Create AI slideshow videos with Microsoft Photos and Clipchamp

Posted December 13, 2023

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How to make an AI video with Microsoft Photos and Clipchamp

Photos are a powerful way to capture your memories, but videos can help you tell a story. If you’re looking for ideas to bring your digital photos to life and share them with your friends and followers, a slideshow video is the perfect solution.

With the Microsoft Clipchamp app in Windows 11, creating a great slideshow video is faster than ever. Turn your precious memories saved in the Microsoft Photos app into a beautiful video slideshow in no time with the help of the AI video editor in Clipchamp. 

From a quick travel recap video to a highlight video for a birthday celebration, our AI video editor can help unveil a professional-looking video in just a few clicks. 

Here’s how to use this time-saving feature on your Windows 11 devices.

How to make AI videos with the Photos app

Step 1. Open the Microsoft Clipchamp app

Select the Windows Start button and search for Microsoft Clipchamp to launch the app. 

Clipchamp windows app homepage

Select Create a video with AI from the homepage to launch the auto compose window.

Clipchamp windows app opening auto compose window

Select the Windows Start button and search for Photos to launch the app. Open the Photos gallery and choose the location where you store your photographs in the Photos app like OneDrive or your computer folders like Pictures. You should be able to preview thumbnails of all the videos on your device.

Microsoft Photos app in Windows 11

Click on the checkbox in the upper right corner of the photo thumbnails to select the photos you want to add to your video slideshow in Clipchamp. 

Selecting photos in Microsoft Photos app in Windows 11

Next, drag and drop these photos into the auto compose window.

Clipchamp AI video maker window

Step 4. Choose a style for your AI video

Help the AI video maker understand how you would like the video to look and feel by choosing from a set of video styles. Use the thumbs up button and thumbs down button to help it understand your taste.

Clipchamp auto compose style options

Select the choose for me button if you want auto compose to review your video assets and decide a theme for your video to save time and still get some creative results. Click on next to proceed.

Step 5. Change video size, music or fonts

Auto compose will suggest the best aspect ratio for your video based on the video assets you provide. You can adjust this if you'd like your videos to be of a certain size. For example, use the Portrait video size to make slideshow videos for Instagram Reels or social media stories.

Select a video size in Clipchamp auto compose

Click next to preview your AI slideshow video, available on the right side. The AI video maker will choose background music and video text style for you automatically. If you'd like to change this, simply click on the categories to expand and preview other music and fonts available.

Step 6. Save your video or edit in Clipchamp  

When you’re ready, click on the export button to save your video.   

Preview video, music and fonts in auto compose in Clipchamp

If you’d like to make changes to your AI-generated video, select Edit in timeline. This will open your video in the timeline in Clipchamp where you can individually select any video asset, add or replace assets like transitions, music, stickers and even an AI voiceover.  

Once you're happy with the final touches, click on the export button and save in 1080p HD.

Preview and save video in Clipchamp

Ready to make an effortless AI slideshow video? Create videos faster with the Clipchamp Windows app.

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