Auto subtitle generator 

Create engaging and accessible videos with subtitles in any language. 

An image of the autocaptions feature in action in Clipchamp where the transcript is being generated.

Perfect subtitles in just one click

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Subtitles in global languages

Reach out to viewers worldwide! Turn on the autocaptions feature, select your language and that’s all there is to it! Our technology will accurately transcribe your audio, no matter your dialect or accent. You can download your subtitle transcript too.

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Language filters and editing tools

Stay respectful and inclusive! Remove any offensive language automatically, separate your audio from video or simply trim the video to tell your story your way.

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Creative styles and effects

Clear and captivating! Change the subtitle font, colors, text size and alignment to make subtitles accessible, complement your aesthetic and hook the viewers that watch their videos on mute.

How to use the subtitle generator in Clipchamp

  • 1

    Upload or record a video

  • 2

    Choose your subtitle language

  • 3

    Adjust font, colors, size and alignment

  • 4

    Download your video and .SRT transcript file

An image showing how to select the subtitle language in Clipchamp
An image of adjusting text size font style and colors in Clipchamp
An image of button to download captions from auto-captions feature in Clipchamp

Increase video and podcast reach

  • Make video podcast conversations clear and easy to follow 

  • Boost video SEO by publishing transcripts in YouTube video descriptions or your podcast website 

  • Enable global viewers enjoy your videos in their chosen language  

Tip: Download your video transcript in Clipchamp, then reuse it as a blog or social media content.   

An image of subtitles added to a YouTube vlog video in Clipchamp.

Make gaming videos easy to follow 

  • Help viewers follow gameplay when the audio isn’t clear, or when many players are speaking 

  • Filter offensive language and profanity out automatically in Clipchamp 

  • Resize your gaming videos to post on TikTok, YouTube, Discord or other platforms 

Tip: Show off the best parts of your gaming videos using subtitle styles that match your aesthetic.

An image of adding captions to a gaming video with Clipchamp

Ensure work videos are inclusive

  • Make training videos easily accessible to all viewers, especially for people with a disability  

  • Polish meeting recordings and make them easy to skim, search and review   

  • Reinforce video lessons to support every student’s learning style

Tip: Increase your video accessibility by overlaying sign language interpretation and adding ASL stickers

An image of adding subtitles to a presentation and meeting recording in Clipchamp

Tips to create the perfect subtitles 

  • Choose a font color that stands out from your video so it’s easy to read 

  • Use different colors to indicate different speakers in your video 

  • Resize your video to repurpose on social media and watch your subtitle auto-adjust  

  • Check that your subtitles aren’t covering your video footage

An image of a creator editing their video in Clipchamp

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