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How to make aesthetic videos for TikTok 

Updated March 17, 2023

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From cottagecore to coastal grandma to grunge, TikTok is the perfect place to explore trending aesthetics, lifestyles and post unique content about fashion, mood and your subculture. Aesthetics stretch beyond fashion on TikTok. Content creators share their interests by creating videos by following the look and feel of their subcultures.  

If you’re looking to make aesthetic videos, good video editing can get you there. Get inspired with this list of trending video aesthetics and get creative with Clipchamp’s free online video editor

1. Y2K

There are plenty of reasons to be nostalgic about the late 90s and early 2000s. The Y2K aesthetic has been welcomed back by Gen Z and Millennials on TikTok. Low-rise jeans, Bratz dolls, bubble-gum pink and velour tracksuits are just some popular visuals making a comeback. Add to the style of your video with the help of Clipchamp’s free vertical, and VHS filters. You can even add film and light leak overlays to create a throwback-like look for your videos.  

2. Coastal Grandma

The coastal grandma aesthetic is a classic beach-side minimalistic look with a touch of luxury. Essentials are striped sweaters over collared shirts, bucket hats and maxi skirts. These videos usually have soft beige and beachy filters. You don’t have to be wealthy or live at the beach to achieve this luxurious TikTok aesthetic. With some easy editing hacks like green screen and filters like Golden and cool coastline, you can fake it till you make it.  

3. Cottagecore

Cottagecore aesthetics have become one of the latest trends on TikTok in both fashion and interior decor. The floral, romantic, and peaceful cottagecore aesthetic first became popular on Tumblr, mimicking the vintage 19th century farm life vibe. With Clipchamp’s royalty-free music, you can easily add dreamy charm audio tracks in one simple click to your videos. Just merge your clips together, add a filter like pastel dreams, add music, and then share directly to TikTok. 

4. Rom-com core

Rom-com core screams Kate Hudson’s floral A-line dress and button up cardigan in How to lose a guy in 10 days, and Alicia Silverstone’s iconic yellow plaid co-ord in Clueless. Incorporating Y2K as well as the 90s, TikTok’s Rom-com core aesthetic has never stopped trending. Besides ‘so fetch’ clothing, your video editing can turn regular footage into a romantic and nostalgic vibe. Adjust your video’s color temperature and try some audio hacks to effortlessly give your videos a vintage style romantic comedy theme. 

5. Maximalism

We’ve all heard the phrase “less-is-more", but have you heard of “more-is-more"? The maximalism TikTok aesthetic is exactly that. Think strong colors, arty vibes, and over the top decor. To get this look right, adjust the colors of your footage, try fun filters like radial, vertical, vaporwave and add groovy background stock videos. You can even spice up your videos and make them more interesting with up-beat background music.

6. Dark academia

If you’ve found yourself researching literature, gothic studies, poetry, arts and architecture, dark academia might be the best TikTok aesthetic for you. Alongside vintage clothing, jazz music, candles, and books, your video editing can turn anything into dark academia. Using our green screen feature, travel to Hogwarts or visit the Addams family in a quick second and alter the dark tone of your videos with the text to speech feature.

7. Light academia

Think Blair Waldorf, university influences, and a passion for classic literature and fine art. The opposite to dark academia, light academia is warm, positive, and beautifully soft. Creating a light academia aesthetic on TikTok is easy with the help of our endless themed stock footage and classical background music like this curated collection.  

8. Fairycore

Channeling touches of cottagecore, fairycore is giving airy flowy pieces and fairytale vibes. Think flowy skirts, carefree yet chic, wispy hairstyles, and lots of pastel and neutral colors. Originally from Tumblr, the aesthetic is another booming trend that’s even made its way into wedding inspo. With the help of stickers, sound effects and fairy dust overlays, you can turn regular video footage into the fairycore aesthetic.  

9. Royalcore

Inspired by Marie Antoinette and Netflix hit series Bridgerton, the royalcore aesthetic showcases old-school ballgowns, pastel pink tulle, and silk gloves. With the assistance of soft transitions like fade in and out, and old-fashioned animated text, you can easily turn your modern-day video into royalcore.  

10. Clean girl/Normcore

Through minimalistic fashion, blowy makeup, and an effortless lifestyle, the TikTok aesthetic clean girl, also known as normcore, is taking over the internet. If you want to be like Bella Hadid’s clean girl aesthetic, then split your videos into short clips, merge them together, add a voiceover, and create a mini vlog for TikTok. 

Video editing tips

How to batch social media content

Batch creating videos is one of the best ways to save time as a creator and publish more content to grow your TikTok account. By planning, you can create a wide range of content in a shorter amount of time and keep your viewers coming back for more.  

 Add auto-captions

Make your TikTok videos more accessible and easier to follow when muted with an easy auto-captions feature. Generate real-time captions using smart voice detection technology, get accurate captions and even download your transcript for free. 

Upload from Clipchamp 

For fast and easy uploading, connect your TikTok account to Clipchamp. Save your video in 1080p HD video resolution and share your video directly to your TikTok account using Clipchamp’s TikTok integration

Frequently asked questions

What aspect ratio should I make my TikTok video?

Create TikTok videos and stories in portrait 9:16 aspect ratio to suit TikTok’s guidelines.

How long should my TikTok video be?

TikTok’s video lengths have increased from 7-seconds to 15-second, 3-minutes, and 10-minutes. We recommend creating shorter videos to increase your watch time and engagement.

What video resolution should I save in for TikTok uploads?

Save TikTok videos in 1080p HD video resolution for the best quality.

Can I share my Clipchamp video from desktop to my phone?

Yes. Once you have exported your TikTok video, share it to your smartphone using Clipchamp’s shortcut on the video export page.

We hope you can find the perfect TikTok aesthetic that suits your vibe from this list of aesthetic trends. If you’re looking for more ideas to stand out on TikTok, check out this ultimate TikTok guide

Start creating TikTok aesthetic videos today with Clipchamp. 

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