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How to batch create videos for a small business

Posted May 28, 2021

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Small business owners usually wear a lot of different hats so they’re in charge of content creation, marketing, customer name it. 

When it comes to planning, recording, editing and scheduling video content for social media, how can we take the stress out of this time-consuming task? 

Small business vlog

Batch create videos in advance using our online video editor! Batching content will save you valuable hours and money, as well as keeping your customers and followers entertained with relevant content. 

Let’s explore how we can help you create more video content in a shorter amount of time, and become more productive and efficient in your small business.

  • What is Content Batching? 

  • How to batch create videos

  • FAQ 1: Will content batching grow your YouTube channel? 

  • FAQ 2: Will my small business benefit from content batching?

What is Content Batching?

Instead of finding a cool photo or video to post directly from your camera roll, editing it on Instagram or social media, creating a caption and tags all in one moment, save time and try content batching.

Like we mentioned earlier, batching content can save hours and helps you be sure that your followers will be entertained with relevant content. 

Batching content basically lets you create all the captions and visuals during a set period of time. Rather than writing captions one by one each time you feel like posting, they’re already done for you if you set aside time for content batching. 

This process may sound like more work on top of your extremely busy schedule, although we can assure you that it’s not, and totally worth it. 

Planning content weeks in advance creates a stress-free environment and keeps your content consistent. 

How to batch create videos

So what process should you use when it comes to batching content? We have developed an easy strategy to follow when batching content below.

1. Determine how many videos you need

Firstly, you will need to decide how many videos you want to batch. 

Let’s say you want to batch a month's worth of video content (4 weeks), and your schedule currently posts 3 videos a week. You will need to multiply your weekly video content by the number of weeks you want to batch, for example 3 x 4 = 12 videos a month. 

You will need to batch 12 videos to have a month's worth of video content. Make sure you are realistic when setting goals. Determine how much time you have to create, film and edit all your content.

2. Brainstorm content and video ideas

Next, you will need to brainstorm video ideas for your video uploads. 

When posting content online, you should always think about if there are any sale events coming up, suh as Black Friday, specific anniversaries or holidays like Mothers Day, and what your viewers and customers like to see. 

Our 2021 Marketing calendar can assist you with all of the important dates you might need to know! If you usually generate the most views and leads from Q&A style videos, consider how many short Q&A videos you are going to batch. 

Write a list of all your videos and categorise them into sections and genres, such as sales, product demo videos, announcements, collabs, etc.

3. Film your content

Social media platforms love video content. Instagram Reels and TikTok videos have become a rather popular choice when it comes to video marketing. Make sure to film a variety of video content that suits every different platform. 

Don’t forget to allocate each video a specific aspect ratio.

  • For YouTube, you will need to create your content in widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio

  • For Instagram, square 1:1 for posts and portrait 9:16 for stories 

  • For TikTok, 9:16 portrait aspect ratio is suitable for all video posts

You can even plan your wardrobe ahead of time. 

If you’re featured in the video content that you’re batch creating, viewers do not need to know that it’s not a different day when filming. Simply change your outfit and it’s a whole new vibe! Without an outfit change, it is going to be extremely obvious to your audience that you have recorded multiple videos in one sitting.

4. Create video content on our video editor 

It’s now time to batch create videos using our online video editor. Without even leaving your web browser, you can batch create videos in no time. Simply log into your Clipchamp account or sign up for free! 

If you’re lacking inspiration have a browse through our royalty-free templates or head over to our guide on How to Create a Storyboard for Video for more help. 

We suggest you start off by creating and editing one genre at a time. Complete all videos within the genre, then head on over to the next. This will keep your content creation in an orderly fashion. 

As you are batch creating, it is very easy to forget videos or misplace them due to the amount of content you are creating all at once. Stay organised to minimize mistakes. 

Lastly, save your video marketing content to your electronic device or directly send it to others via our editor.

5. Schedule uploading or save as drafts with video captions

Once the video editing for your batch create videos is complete, the next step is to plan your upload. Upload your video to your selected social media or video-sharing platform, schedule an upload and write your video captions, hashtags, location and tags. 

If you’re trying to grow your YouTube channel, scheduling uploads within YouTube with planned video captions is a great way to consistently share content in an attempt to reach a wider audience. You can schedule YouTube videos to be posted on selected dates and times, so you will never miss an upload again. 

If you are batching content specifically for Instagram, you can upload your video content, create video captions, tag products and locations then save it as a draft. This will save you time when going to post Instagram video content. You won’t have the headache of creating a new caption every time you quickly want to upload a post. Instagram saves your draft captions, tags and locations. All you have to do is click on the draft you would like to post, then click share. 

For more content management ideas, check out our 20 Instagram Tools Vloggers Can’t Live Without blog. 

Will content batching grow your YouTube channel?

Batching videos is the best way to save time as a YouTuber and potentially grow your channel. By recording and editing multiple videos at once, you can produce a great range of content in a shorter amount of time. 

Planning ahead means your viewers will be consistently entertained and you will never have to apologize for a late upload ever again. The more consistent you are with uploading video content, the greater chance your channel has to grow. Our Ultimate Guide to YouTube Videos shares all the tips and tricks you’ll need to know. 

Will my small business benefit from content batching?


Not only does batching content save time and take the stress out of uploading content every day, but it also assists in your business exposure! The more content you upload, consistently, the higher chance your small business will have in getting seen and found. 

This can possibly generate leads that you might not get if you are inconsistent with uploading video content. 

Batching video content is made easy with Clipchamp

Plan, film, edit and schedule! Batching content is an awesome way to take your video marketing to the next level and stay on your uploading a game. 

Save time and never miss another upload with catch create videos. Take the stress out of time-consuming tasks with batch create videos with Clipchamp today.

Want to learn more about video on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn? Check out How to make a letterbox video blog to see how you can make your video stand out.  

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