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How to Crop Video Online

Posted July 11, 2018
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When you’re capturing a video in the spur of the moment, you’re probably not thinking about how the scene is framed. But framing – the way the action you’re filming sits inside the ‘frame’ of the camera – is very important for making a video engaging.

If you’re filming your dog doing something adorable, you want them to be the focus, not a small feature against the background. The best way to fix this problem is by cropping your video, a solution that is available on Clipchamp Create.

How to Crop Video with Clipchamp

Step 1. Create an account

Log into your Clipchamp Create account, or sign up for free to get started.

Sign up to Clipchamp

Step 2: Create a new project

Select the Create a Video button on the left side bar. We offer five different formats to choose from. Select the video ratio that best suits your project. We recommend using widescreen 16:9 if you are wanting to upload to a YouTube channel.

Step 3. Add your media

Once the project is created, you’ll be taken to Clipchamp’s editor. To access the video you wish to crop, select the + Add Media button in the left toolbar. From here, you can drag and drop your media or choose the Browse My Files option to select one from your computer.

 If you don’t have your own media to work with, you can choose from our range of stock footage. 

To add stock video, click the Stock button in the left toolbar, enter your search terms into the search bar and click the + button to add clips to your media library. To return to the editor, click the Close button.

Step 4. Add your clips to the editor timeline

To start editing your clips, you’ll need to add them to the editor timeline. To do this click, drag and drop your clip to the timeline. A green outline and green + button will appear once you’ve dragged your clip to the correct position to drop.

Step 5. Crop your video

Now that the video is selected you can easily crop your video to fit the frame in two ways.

There are regular situations in which we don't want to share a video in the same ratio we filmed it in. For example, you might want to crop a landscape video (16:9) into a square ratio (1:1) to share on your Instagram feed like in the example below.

To Crop a video, select the clip on the editing timeline and, in the menu that appear above, choose the Resizing option called Crop to Fill. With this applied, the video will be cropped to fit its ratio – in this case effectively zooming the image. 

In addition to cropping, feel free to make use of Create’s other editing tools to get your video just right.

Step 6. Review and export

Before you finish, make sure you review your video. Once you’re happy with it, click the Export button at the top right corner of the editor, then select your resolution and click Continue.

So, as you can see, cropping your video online doesn’t have to be difficult! Our editor makes it a quick process without any complicated overheads. There you have it, you're now ready to share your video online and enjoy the advantages of social media.

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