AI voice generator

Create realistic voiceovers to enhance videos with the easy AI text to speech generator - no downloads required.

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Professional voiceover features

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Explore AI text to speech voices

Choose from 400 natural sounding voices in soothing neutral or engaging feminine and masculine tones. 

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Create voiceovers in 80 languages

Select languages like Spanish, Japanese, Hindi, Italian, Arabic, German, French, and many more, from our AI voice generator.

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Control pitch and pace

Speed up or slow down your voiceover from 0.5x speed to 2x speed, and fine tune the pitch to low or high to suit your video needs.

How to use text to speech in Clipchamp

  • 1

    Choose text to speech generator

  • 2

    Pick a language, voice, pitch and pace

  • 3

    Type freely or copy and paste your text

  • 4

    Preview and add voiceover to video

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Ideal for social media videos

  • Engage viewers on TikTok, Shorts and Reels by adding voiceovers to lifestyle videos, reaction meme videos and gaming videos

  • Add AI narration to level up your video production quality for long YouTube videos, making it entertaining and easy to follow. 

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Perfect for business videos

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Great for education videos

  • Make virtual learning and lecture videos with voiceovers and subtitles to share accessible videos with students.

  • Turn case studies into engaging videos and explain complex topics in a relatable way with our lifelike voice maker.

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Need more help creating AI voiceovers for videos?

Head over to our helpful text to speech guide to learn how to create a voiceover step-by-step as well as learn AI voiceover writing tips and tricks.

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Explore AI video editing in Clipchamp

Once your voiceover is ready, you can make your video more engaging and accessible by adding AI autocaptions.

You can also create short videos with our AI video editor and smartly remove pauses from your videos with AI.

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Frequently asked questions 

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