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Join 17 million creative users in 200+ countries, no editing experience required.

Easy video editing for everyone

Our video editor comes with all of the features required to create great videos – no experience needed. Edit clips of all sizes directly in-browser without the hassle of inconvenient uploads. We even have a quick and simple Facebook Video Ad Maker that you can check out before heading over to the video editor.

Customizable video templates

Stuck for ideas? Browse our library of fully customizable video templates – made by professionals, tailored for your industry. Avoid the blank canvas scaries, just change the text and export! We’ve got every job covered – from videos for your YouTube channel to Instagram promo videos. Simply browse our extensive templates library, click on the template you like and get started!

How it works

  • 1

    Open a new project and add media files to start the editing process.

  • 2

    Drag video, audio, photos and titles into the timeline and create your video.

  • 3

    When you’re happy with your edit, export the finished file and save it.

Drag media into the timeline to edit and rearrange
When you're finished, click Export to save your completed video

Create videos that captivate with our professional tools and features

Blue trim icon

Trim and cut

Trim videos to remove unwanted parts and reduce videos to their most important sections.

Split and combine

Cut longer videos into smaller snippets, delete unwanted parts and only keep what you like. You can also combine multiple clips into one longer video.

Flip and mirror

Flip and mirror videos including webcam recordings – works both horizontally and vertically.


Rotate videos clockwise or counterclockwise by 90 and 180 degrees.


Crop your video or photo so that only a segment of the original frame appears in the output video. Preserve the video’s aspect ratio or crop to fill the screen.

Add audio and images

Add still images to your edit or adjust audio levels to your heart’s content – add multiple audio tracks, or mute or replace audio completely.

Add text, titles, and supers

Add in text, slides and change font, size and colour – position text anywhere in the video. With our Brand features, you can also add your own logo or watermark.

Balance colours and add backgrounds

Adjust and balance colours manually, add backgrounds and adjust opacity on coloured video overlays.

Use filters and transitions

Filters give your edit a consistent look and feel. Add transitions and fades to create the perfect video slideshow.

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Frequently asked questions

  • You can export your videos in the resolution that’s best for your project, including HD for great-looking clips to use online. The default exporting option is 480p.

  • Yes, you can! You can add your own audio files or select from our library of audio stock. We’re also working on an option to record voice-overs inside the editor soon.

  • Create works in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge based on Chromium. Make sure to update your browser to the latest version before starting your first editing project.

  • It does. We source from Storyblocks, with over 100,000 assets to choose from for your online video editing projects.

  • Please see this support article for the up-to-date list for supported video, audio and image formats you can use in Create.

  • There is no watermark on exported videos if you use your own media assets and/or free stock media assets from Clipchamp in editing projects.

    If you use premium stock or a feature that is not included in the free plan such as Brand Kit, there will be a watermark on your exported video. You can remove the watermark by upgrading to a premium plan that includes the paid feature.

    You will see a notification in Clipchamp if your project contains paid features that aren't included in the plan you're on and will be presented with options of how to export with or without a watermark in such a case.

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We’ve been developing unique, proprietary technology to bring video to the internet since 2014. In this short time our innovative compression approach, in-built privacy, and browser-based video editing have served millions of people worldwide.

Browser-based online video editing that serves millions of people worldwide

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