Video filters

Elevate your video editing with creative video filters in Clipchamp.

Enhance your content with video filters

Green cinema icon

Correct and perfect

Apply video filters to your raw footage to change the color balance and adjust the intensity to achieve your desired look and feel.

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Set the tone

Make aesthetic videos with our mood making filters like vintage filters such as 35mm and cool video filters like vibrant vlogger. 

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Add video effects

While adding filters in our video editor, explore more effects to transform your videos, such as animated effects, stickers, transitions, and music. 

How to add video filters in Clipchamp

  • 1

    Add videos in the timeline

  • 2

    Select a video filter

  • 3

    Adjust intensity

  • 4

    Save and share your video

Arrange your videos in clipchamp
Apply filter to video
Adjust intensity
Save and share video

Improve your video’s look and feel

A well-chosen filter can improve your video’s production quality. Filters can hide little imperfections in your footage, fixing the brightness, contrast, and lighting issues in a click. Remember, high quality visuals are the first step to engaging your viewers, whether you're making YouTube videos or tutorial videos

Editing videos with filters

Try popular filters

Explore our most-used filters like golden, black & white, and 35mm in our range of free video filters.

Make your videos recognizable 

A unique video aesthetic can set your videos apart, making them more stylish and memorable. Filters can help you achieve a consistent aesthetic. This is great if you’re building your brand as an influencer or creating vlogs

Preview filters in Clipchamp

Try aesthetic filters

Explore trending filters like pastel dreams, sunrise and soft black and white in our range of premium video filters.

Polish your webcam recordings 

Create a camera recording and tune it up with filters. Use our portrait and dreamscape filters to enhance your webcam clips to look clear and color balanced. Get your recordings ready for YouTube reaction videos or corporate explainer videos.  

Add filters to webcams

Need help editing your video?

Learn how to add filters and overlays to your video in a few simple steps.

An image of video filters in Clipchamp.

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