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Instagram Reels—10 video ideas for any business 

Posted March 28, 2021
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Move over TikTok, Instagram Reel is the newest member of the must-have Instagram marketing tools for any business, small or large! 

Whether you’re promoting a new product, collection, open day or service, Instagram Reels create an entertaining way to promote your business faster, and to a wider target audience. 

If you have never made a Reel before, are lacking inspiration for your next Reel post, or simply don’t even know how to use Reels on Instagram, you’ve come to the right place. 

Instagram Reels—10 video ideas for any business-Clipchamp blog

We have created a fun-filled list of awesome content ideas for Reels that will help your Instagram marketing game in 2021. Try out the latest trends using video marketing. Don’t worry, we will steer clear of any hard choreography.

  • Benefits of using Reels in your Instagram marketing strategy

  • 10 Instagram Reel video ideas for any business

  • FAQ 1: How frequently can you post video marketing?

  • FAQ 2: Is TikTok or Instagram Reels better for business?

Benefits of using Reels in your Instagram marketing strategy

Executing a fabulous Instagram Reel will boost engagement to your brand’s Instagram page, creating leads, sales, promote your business faster and potentially new followers. 

Creating Instagram Reels will also give your business the opportunity to feature on the Explore page, meaning increa

sed brand awareness and exposure. It’s the new key marketing tool that must be in your Instagram marketing strategy. With video being the most engaging form of marketing, it’s a given that your business should explore Instagram Reels. 

10 Instagram Reel video ideas for any business

The options are endless when it comes to Instagram Reel video ideas to boost engagement and create potential leads. From how-to videos to renovating time-laps, showcase your business in a new, creative way. 

Below are a list of awesome Instagram Reel video ideas that would make a great addition to your business marketing strategy. 

1. Collection previews

Instead of having viewers scroll through your website to view your collections, make an on-trend Instagram Reel! Set the scene and create a short storyline that will engage your target audience. This will generate interest faster and broaden your audience.

2. Behind the scenes

Show your viewers and followers some much wanted behind-the-scenes action. We are all intrigued to know what actually goes on behind the camera, so give the people what they want! Whether your business is photography or selling handmade products, creating a behind-the-scenes Instagram Reel video can be efficient, cost-effective and fun to make.

3. Show a 'before and after'

Sharing a before and after Reel video is a great way to increase engagement and traffic to your business. Not only are before and after videos intriguing to viewers, but they are extremely satisfying! Try out a before and after video of a renovation, recipe, hair, makeup, illustrations and much more.  

4. Hop on a trend

Hoping on the latest Reel trend is definitely going secure more views to your video, brand and website. Keep a lookout for new ideas and make sure your brand stays relevant to your target audience. Before you know it, there will be a new trend coming over the horizon. 

5. New arrivals

Launching a new collection? Have some fun with how you present your new drop this season and generate some excitement! Create a quirky, on-trend Instagram Reel about your new products that are set to impress your specific target audience, before the launch date arrives. This technique will generate potential leads, meaning future sales and clients, as well as creating excitement around the upcoming launch. 

6. Epic fails

You can’t deny epic fail videos are hilarious to watch. When filming your Reel video you can’t guarantee everything will go to plan the first take. Posting funny outtakes and bloopers can generate traffic to your brand as users are likely to click your profile after viewing your funny video. Don’t be afraid to embarrass yourself just a little for more exposure. 

7. Show your business in action

If your business required you to provide a service, a live in action styled Instagram Reel will be extremely helpful for viewers and easy to make. Simply film your service in its best, natural light for followers to appreciate. This style Reel is ideal for party planners, events, equipment and decore hire, balloons and decorations. 

8. Instagram business tips and tricks

Every business has knowledge and information that can potentially help your followers if it’s shared with the public. From makeup hacks, clothing tricks and model pose ideas sharing advice might just impress your followers in just a couple of seconds. 

9. Demonstration

Instagram Reels have made it a whole lot easier for any type of business to demonstrate its products in real-time. Customers can now view products up close and personal, with the product being used in real life. Reels are a great way to show viewers a more personal approach to how products work, or what service you are offering. 

10. Question & answers

Viewers have questions about your brand or products. The easiest way to answer these whilst reaching a wide audience is to create a Q&A style Instagram Reel. Video gains the most attention on social media, so create an informative short video that viewers will love. Customers will be more inclined to purchase from your business with their questions answered.

FAQ 1: How frequently can you post video marketing?

Instagram does not limit the amount of content a business account can upload. You can never have enough video ideas and video marketing content. Share a Reel and share your thoughts whenever you feel like it! To have the best chance to pop up on a user explore page, consistency is key. The more you post, the higher chance your video will be viewed. Of course, don’t go overboard and flood your follower’s accounts with hundreds of videos a week. Stick to a formulated limit of around 1-2 videos a day. This will keep your Reel video content relevant and exciting for viewers to watch. If you’re unsure when the right time is to post a specific genre or constantly missing important dates, explore our 2021 Marketing Calendar. We’ve got your year in video marketing sorted. 

FAQ 2: Is TikTok or Instagram Reels better for business?

Now, this is a particularly popular topic when it comes to short-form video content. With both apps extremely relevant amongst today’s society and business marketing strategies, which one is better? Explore our video marketing blog on TikTok or Instagram Reels for Business to find out the answer! 

Instagram Reels vs Tiktok-Instagram Reels— 10 video ideas for any business-Clipchamp blog

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