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Convert videos to GIFs, trim, resize and share with Clipchamp’s free GIF Maker in your browser.

Customize your GIF

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Merge videos together

Merge together video clips using fun transitions to create an entertaining GIF.

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Add your logo or watermark

Create brand consistency by uploading your channel name, social media handle or business name to the editor brand kit. Add a variety of texts in different fonts, colors, sizes, and positions anywhere in a GIF.

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Slow down or speed up

Adjust clip speeds to change the pace of your video footage.

How to use online GIF maker in Clipchamp

  • 1

    Upload a video or select stock video

  • 2

    Drag and drop onto the editing timeline

  • 3

    Trim video to 15-seconds or less

  • 4

    Export video as a GIF

Fun for socials

  • React to posts and comments with relatable GIFs instead of text.

  • Send GIFs directly from our video editor to WhatsApp, Reddit, and Messenger.

  • Resize GIFs to suit any social media platform.

Perfect for gaming

  • Bring your gaming high scores, epic fails, and secret moves to life with GIFs.

  • Show viewers a creative and fast way to solve gaming errors and high-level problems.

  • Upload and edit a wide variety of different video file types.

Trendy for marketing

  • Stop the scroll and make your marketing stand out from your competitors.

  • Connect with your audience by creating catchy step-by-step tutorials, product demos, and how-to videos.

  • Share and save GIFs with no watermarks.

Liven up sales

  • Create GIFs to broadcast new releases for impactful promotional emails or newsletters.

  • Showcase your data with a touch of fun, color, and motion instead of sharing repetitive business presentations.

  • Add stock videos, images, and stickers to GIFs.

Learn tips and tricks to convert a video to GIF

If you need more help creating GIFs, head over to our helpful step-by-step guide and take a look at the video tutorial.

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