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How to create a GIF using your webcam

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There are not many options when it comes to creating a GIF using your own webcam.

If you want to create a GIF from short snippets of video that you have on your computer or that are hosted on video sharing sites, there are websites where you can do that. But recording a webcam clip and turning it into a GIF right away?

We recently introduced this feature in clipchamp and here is a quick tutorial how you can do it.

Please note that the sceenshots are from an old version of the app, the new one still offers the same and even extended functionality.

Open our web video recorder (works best in Chrome)

clipchamp free video converter

clipchamp free video converter

Choose the Take selfie video input option

take selfie video - record a webcam video

Give clipchamp access to your webcam and mic

allow camera access

If there are any problems with this step, have a look at this support page.

If your video is longer than 20 seconds, chances are that the GIF you create will be very large and difficult to share online so we suggest to keep it short.

record a webcam video on your Chromebook with clipchamp

Finish the recording

download the selfie video or convert it for more options

You can download the raw webcam recording directly underneath Section 1), however if you want to get a GIF, you need to convert it in the next step as described below.

Choose Animated GIF as the output option

create a gif from a webcam video

Small/360p or Medium/480p are the best options that work great for most cases. Only choose 720p if you recorded your webcam video in HD and if you are OK with a larger file size of the GIF.

Make sure to set the quality slider to fast conversion/fair quality to ensure a decent image quality in the resulting GIF.

Then, convert your webcam clip by clicking the “Convert video!” button. After the conversion, the GIF will appear in Section 5)

save the webcam gif to your computer

You can save it to your computer, then upload it to the image sharing site of your choice, for instance imgur.

Please note that you can’t upload GIF files to YouTube or Facebook.

Here is an example I created on clipchamp and then uploaded to imgur.

View post on

Enjoy and try it now on 🙂

PS: If you encounter any problems, have a look at our support pages, which is where you can send us a support message as well.

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