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How to make a time lapse video easily

April 11, 2024
Time lapses are an artistic video style where you can literally see time fly by…

TikTok's biggest trends right now (2024)

April 9, 2024
From lip-syncing battles, viral dance challenges, and cooking trends, TikTok trends…

5 Eid video ideas perfect for social media

April 4, 2024
Want to create festive videos for family, friends and followers this Eid but not…

The ultimate guide to vlog editing for beginners

March 8, 2024
Want to express your authenticity and create a better connection with your viewers?…

How to make YouTube outro videos and end screens using templates

March 8, 2024
Want your YouTube viewers to stay engaged and keep watching more of your videos?…

12 Easter video ideas perfect for social media

February 29, 2024
Want to create memorable themed videos for family, friends, and customers to enjoy…

How to start a YouTube podcast

February 27, 2024
Today, creating a video podcast is a great way to expand your podcast audience and…

How to make a podcast video with an audio visualizer

February 26, 2024
Podcasts have become our new favorite medium to tell stories and teach lessons. They…

How to get a podcast transcript

February 19, 2024
Want to turn your podcast into text in a free, safe way with no downloads required?…

How to edit YouTube reaction videos

February 19, 2024
Do you want to create a reaction video for YouTube? From music and sports videos…

How to transcribe YouTube videos with AI

February 15, 2024
Need to create a YouTube transcript for your next video? With Clipchamp, you can…

How to make an audio visualizer with Clipchamp

February 13, 2024
Creating a music video or podcast video? Add an animated soundwave to make your video…

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