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10 video ideas to celebrate Fourth of July

Posted June 5, 2023

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Want to share your 4th of July celebrations with a memorable video this Independence Day? Through travel videos, photo slideshows and remembrance quotes, support your nation and acknowledge Independence Day with Clipchamp.

Explore Fourth of July video ideas perfect for creators and families to share on social media.

10 Fourth of July video ideas 

Effortlessly create impressive videos from scratch using personal and stock footage or start with a ready-to-use video template

1. Patriotic craft videos

From red, white, and blue accessories to handmade crafts and decorations, record your crafty creation and share your step-by-step tutorial to social media. All you have to do is set up your smartphone or webcam, record yourself creating your unique Independence Day decoration, add text animation, then share directly to social media.  

2. Independence Day slideshow video

If you have past 4th of July memories captured on camera, compile your videos into an authentic slideshow video. Add fireworks theme motion titles, Independence Day stickers, and edit your color scheme to red, white and blue. If you’re looking for more videos to add into your slideshow, check out the stock video library

3. 4th of July barbecue video invite

Want to invite your friends, family, and neighbors to your 4th of July barbecue? Turn on your creativity by making a video invitation to easily share online. Add your text details, a background tune, and share with your invitees using the shareable link or via social media. You can even pop in your favorite Independence Day recipe to spice up your video invite.

4. Independence Day quote video  

Show your appreciation and commemorate the 4th of July by sharing a well-known Independence Day quote on social media. With the help of pro templates, just edit the text on your quote video and share it on Instagram.   

5. Fourth of July TikTok sounds

Want to make a TikTok sound that could potentially go viral? Whether you’re creating an authentic voiceover or USA anthem background tune, create the perfect TikTok trend in time for the 4th of July. Other creators can also use your sound on TikTok.

6. 4th of July travel video 

Taking time off this Independence Day holiday? Share your travels and experiences with a holiday recap video. Add your video footage, use 4th of July themed stickers, personalize text, colors and background music, then share your creation to social media. You can resize your videos for different platforms using the free video resizer tool

7. Independence Day fireworks

Record spectacular 4th of July firework shows to create a magnificent firework compilation video. Showcase the vibrant colors, synchronized explosions, crowd reactions, and peaceful patterns through a slideshow video. You can even add firework animated text to tie in your video or use green screen effects to make it look like you’re in the sky. Make sure to always follow safety guidelines when recording firework displays.  

8. 4th of July outfit of the day

Show your personal style, express yourself, and inspire your followers with an ‘outfit of the day’ or #OOTD short-form video. Perfect for TikTok, record your new or traditional 4th of July fit, and share details where others can buy or how to recreate. Add graphic overlays, background music, captions, and transitions.  

9. Independence Day facts and trivia video

Create an educational video this 4th of July to teach your followers the meaning of Independence Day. Include interesting and unique facts, important public figures, key events, and what this day means to you. You can turn your video into an Instagram Story trivia session with polls. 

10. USA flag video

Honor United States’ Independence Day with a USA flag video. Select from a wide range of professional USA flag stock videos to overlay to any video background, add respectful text, then share your video on social media or save as a GIF. You can even select footage of moving flags on a front porch, fence, or back yard.  

Whether you’re a content creator, or making videos for fun, create unforgettable 4th of July videos today with Clipchamp. Looking for more video ideas? See what else is on in the content calendar

If you're running a small business or need marketing ideas for Independence Day like videos for your online giveaways and one-day promos, explore this blog.

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