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10 Pride Month video ideas 

Updated June 5, 2023

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Stay proud and celebrate Pride Month in June to support the LGBTQIA+ community through video. With Clipchamp’s professionally designed Pride video templates, creators and brands can Make Pride content to help make a difference and advocate awareness all month-long with just a few clicks.

Through exclusive Pride stickers, rainbow branding, royalty-free Pride stock footage and more, learn how to create videos for Pride month to share on social media with Clipchamp.

What is Pride Month?

Pride Month, from the 1st of June - 30th June, is dedicated to acknowledging, driving awareness, inclusivity, diversity, and celebrating those part of the LGBTQIA+ community who had to struggle for civil rights in the past. June, and should be practiced throughout the year, is a time to reflect on equal human rights.

10 Pride Month video ideas

Take a look at 10 easy Pride Month video ideas you can create and share on social media to celebrate, support, and acknowledge the LGBTGIA+ community this June.

1. Pride event slideshow  

Turn your Pride memories and celebrations into a colorful slideshow video. Highlight past and current Pride events caught on video or photo, and merge into a memorable slideshow video perfect for social media.  

2. Happy Pride Month Instagram Reel 

Show your support by saying ‘Happy Pride Month’ with a bright and cheerful Instagram Reel. Use on-theme royalty-free stock videos, add Pride stickers, text, and audio, then share the video to your brand’s Instagram.  

3. Proudly supporting Pride Month video  

Want to keep your social media content on brand, minimalistic, and aesthetic, but still want to show your support this Pride Month? Just use our Pride Month marketing template, add in your logo using the brand kit or images, edit brand colors, and it’s ready to post to social media.

4. ‘Did you know’ facts video  

Pride Month is all about educating, advocating, and spreading awareness. Instead of sharing a promotional ad, why not create a ‘did you know’ facts video to educate your followers. Research unique facts about the LGBTQIA+ community, Pride Month, or symbolic meanings like the rainbow pride flag.

5. Pride Month donation video  

There’s no better way to show your support and inclusivity than sharing some or all your profits during June with an LGBTQIA+ charity. Create a video sharing with your followers your mission for June, emphasizing what Pride Month means to your business.

6. Happy Pride Month video idea 

If you’re new to video editing, not sure what video to share, or simply running out of time, show your support through a quick and easy Happy Pride Month business video. Just select the Happy Pride Month template, add your branding, and it’s ready to post on social media.

7. Host a learning session video 

Pride Month business video ideas don’t always have to be short-form videos. Educate your followers, customers, and employees with an informative Pride learning video. Share what Pride Month means inside your business, facts about the movement, and explain concepts your viewers might not know already. Effortlessly record your Pride educational session with Clipchamp’s free online camera recorder, trim away mistakes, then share directly to social media, email, or a saving integration like OneDrive.

8. Pride video quote  

Turn your favorite inspirational Pride quote into an engaging social media post with our editable quote video template. Swap out the background for personal footage, edit the text, and share it on social media.

9. Pride Month GIF 

Start trending on social media by creating light-hearted Pride Month GIFs with Clipchamp’s free GIF video templates. A GIF can be the perfect Pride Month marketing opportunity for your brand’s target audience. Just select a GIF template, personalize the video, and share. Make your GIF genuine and respectful.

10. Share facts about pronouns video 

With the help of pronoun stickers, high-quality stock footage, and royalty-free background music, your brand can create an educational Pride Month video. Share important messages like asking politely what someone’s preferred pronouns are and encourage your followers to get involved by commenting on their pronouns if they feel comfortable.

Ready to turn your Happy Pride Month video ideas into professional social media posts? Use the Pride Font and try original backgrounds to spotlight the importance of Pride Month and promote your brand through video with Clipchamp.

Want to make more Pride content and graphics? Explore Microsoft Designer templates. For more ways to create a Pride Month video, head over to our YouTube tutorial.

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