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5 video ideas to celebrate New Year’s

Posted December 5, 2023

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An image of New Year's stickers and graphics.

Want to give thanks, spread positivity, and showcase your favorite highlights as you welcome in the New Year?

Create your very own celebratory video in just a few clicks using beginner-friendly video templates and unique stock assets like stickers, music, and special effects.

Here are our top video ideas for celebrating the New Year in style with Clipchamp.

1. Yearly wrap up videos

Turn memorable moments caught on video throughout the year into a nostalgic highlights video in under 60 seconds. Using a mix of videos and photos, smooth transitions, and ambient background music, create a yearly wrap up onto a scroll-stopping video for social media.

Add captions and titles to show milestones, and enhance special occasions with on-theme stickers. Level up your yearly wrap up intro with an AI voiceover to describe your feelings and visuals, or narrating an inspirational quote.

Start creating today from scratch, or use our helpful yearly wrap up video template.

2. New Year party invitations

Create a buzz for your New Year's party with an epic virtual party invitation. Start off with an animated video background, then add motion titles with your party details like date, time, location, dress code, and RSVP requirements.

Use bold transitions to swap between details, and add vibrant background music to make your invitation stand out. Easily share your party invite online through social media, group chats and email.

Edit your New Year's party invite using this ready-to-use video template, or start creating today from scratch.

3. Reflections and goals videos

Make a sit down video for YouTube reflecting on what went well, what you learnt, and advise you have for your followers this New Year. You can also share specific future goals like healthy habits, new jobs, and organisation. Just record yourself using the webcam recorder, add titles, and autocaptions to make your video more accessible on mute.

Mix up your videos by showcasing images in a vision board style to highlight your future goals. If you have saved a graphic on Pinterest, you can import and overlay the image onto your video.

Create an inspirational video to share with your followers using this video template.

4. New Year thank you videos

Give thanks to your friends, family, colleagues, and followers in a heartfelt slideshow video. Share your appreciation, expressing gratitude for their support, and opportunities you've experienced throughout the past year. Using a mixture of animated stock videos, personal footage and photos, you can create memorable slideshows in minutes.

Add sentimental background music to evoke emotions, smooth transitions, and even add GIFs to enhance your video's mood.

5. Happy New Year greeting GIFs

Say Happy New Year a little differently this holiday season with a creative and humorous GIF. Just explore the GIPHY overlay options inside the content library tab using keywords to search, or import your own funny videos.

Drag and drop your animated video onto the timeline, trim to 15-seconds, then save as a GIF. This style of video is highly shareable, perfect for social media, and group chat platforms like WhatsApp and Messenger.

For more video editing tips, check out cropping videos to remove unwanted footage, and how to add video effects.

Edit your videos today and in the New Year with Clipchamp for free or download the Clipchamp Windows app.  

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