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9 Lunar New Year video ideas  

Posted January 13, 2023
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Create thoughtful videos for family and friends this Lunar New Year whether you’re celebrating in person or remotely. From digital red pocket videos to cooking vlogs, add a new dimension to the festivities with these easy video ideas that you can make with Clipchamp.

9 amazing video ideas for Lunar New Year

1. Chinese New Year party invitation

Whether you’re planning to celebrate in-person or virtually, create a Lunar New Year party invitation to get your friends and family excited. Select a video background and add exciting motion titles to tell your viewers when and where the party is happening. Include the event date, time, location and add an element of fun with some themed stickers. Top it up with atmospheric music to get viewers into the party spirit right away. 

To start making an invitation, simply select stock from our well-curated stock library here.

Example of Lunar new year video stock on Clipchamp

2. Personal video greeting

No matter your location, make your presence felt with a personalized video. Use the free camera recorder in Clipchamp to record your heartfelt message in a few clicks. Drag the corners to adjust the size of your recording, adjust the look with filters and complete the video with an oriental video frame.

Personalized video greeting LNY example

3. Chinese Zodiac horoscope video

2023 is predicted to be a year of hope. Share your wisdom and Chinese astrology expertise on social media by making a horoscope video. You can arrange photos and videos together to make an impressive slideshow video. You can add a webcam recording and or generate a free AI voiceover to share your predictions.

4. Digital lucky red envelope video

If you want to send good wishes to your loved ones but can’t be there in person, create a red pocket video to share your blessings instead! Select a red pocket stock video, add personalized text and polish it with some heartwarming music. You can accompany your video with a digital gift card as well to recreate the red envelope tradition fully.  

Red pocket stock video

5. Lunar New Year sale video

If you run a business, don’t miss out on the opportunity to run a special promotion during the Lunar New Year. Choose from Clipchamp’s library of professionally-designed video templates and customize it to the occasion in a few clicks. Select the right size for the social media platform you want to post on and include your logo and your website address so viewers can find you. 

6. Lunar New Year recipe video

Cooking together is a popular festival tradition. From dumplings to sweet rice balls, create a recipe video or a cooking vlog to teach and share your favorite recipes, tips and memories too! You can import your video recording from your phone to Clipchamp, trim, combine and add special effects. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to edit a vlog well. 

You can also get started with a template to make sure your video is perfect for Instagram. 

7. Lunar New Year explainer video 

Share your cultural knowledge and interpretations of the auspicious symbols of this wonderful festival with an explainer video. Explainer videos don’t have to be dull and serious–choose from lively video backgrounds and add animated text to share your message.

Choose your text style carefully as some text effects can look engaging but can slow down the pace of your video. We recommend a plain text style with an eye-catching color to make it easy to read on top of the vibrant videos associated with this festival.

8. Lunar New Year GIFs for WeChat

Can’t find the GIF to express exactly how you feel? Make your own in a few minutes. Check out the Lunar New Year themed stickers to create your own GIF. Alternatively, edit trending GIFs to create your own take and share with your friends. Search the Graphics tab and select GIPHY to browse the top GIFs. Next, customize with music, text, stickers and more. Export as a GIF when you're ready.

9. Lunar New Year experience reaction video

If you’re experiencing the festival for the first time, record your reaction for TikTok or YouTube. Remember to keep your comments and reactions culturally respectful though.

Reaction videos are one of the most liked videos on social media today. It’s easy to create a video on video overlay. Learn how to create the overlay effect or if you need more video editing advice, understand how to make a professional-looking YouTube reaction video here.

Lunar new year reaction video GIF

We hope this list of video ideas inspires you to create your very own Lunar New Year video. When you're ready, create magical videos with Clipchamp.

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