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How to Create Holiday Party Video Invitations

Posted December 7, 2020

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Holiday video invitations

'Tis the season to be jolly! Get in the holiday spirit this December and send out Holiday party video invitations to family and friends. Forget about boring paper cards and envelopes that usually end up in the trash. Discover our drag and drop system using one of our already made Holiday party video invitations. Whether it’s an invite for a virtual or in-person holiday celebration with families, unleash your inner creativity and send out environmentally-friendly Holiday party video invitations using Clipchamp.

Video invitations vs physical invitations

Ditch the snail mail this year and send your holiday party invitations in the form of a video. There are many benefits of sharing holiday invitation cards in video form. If some of your family members or friends are working remotely this year, ease the stress of making sure your invites show up on time. Video party invitations can be sent via email and shared on social media, so you don’t have to worry about people missing out. With more people spending time on social media, your invitations will reach a broader audience. 

We can’t forget to mention the major cost savings too. If you come from a large family, or you're just a social butterfly, sending a bulk amount of invites can be expensive. Instead, you can now send electronic video invitations for free!

How to create Holiday video invitations

Let’s go through the steps for how to create an invitation video for your holiday party. We will be using an already made Clipchamp template in this tutorial.

Step 1. Create a Clipchamp account

If you're not a member already, sign up to Clipchamp for free, or easily log in.

Holiday video invitation Step 1. Create a Clipchamp account

Step 2. Start with a template

Click our Holiday Party Video Invitations template collection and select the template you would like to use. Click Use This Template button and the editor will automatically open. Make sure to rename your video initiation at the top of the editor.

Holiday party video invitations Step 2. Start with a Template

Step 3. Personalize text

Customize your chosen holiday invitation template by adding in your preferred date, time, and location. You can change any text within the template. Click on the text box on the timeline so it’s highlighted green, then click text. Highlight the unwanted text and type in your desired information. Repeat this process for all text boxes you wish to change.

Holiday party video invitation Step 3. Personalize text

If your text doesn’t fit in the frame anymore, resize your text by clicking Transform and move the white circle cursor back and forth to shrink or enlarge the text. You can also change the color of the text by clicking Colours and choosing from the color pallet.

Holiday party video invitations Step 3. Personalize text 2

Step 4. Mix and match stock footage

If you are unhappy with a certain clip within the premade template, you’re able to swap it out with an alternative stock clip or for your own personal footage. For more stock footage, click Media, then select your desired clip. Click the + add button to add the clip into your media library. Click Close when finished to return to the editor. 

Select the clip you would like to delete. Once selected, there is a green box around the clip. Click the trash can symbol to delete or click delete on your keyboard. Drag and drop your new clip onto the timeline in the same place as the deleted clip. Your new clip may not be in the same ratio. Click Transform than Crop to fill so the black border disappears. If you need further help on how to change clip size, refer to our Freehand 2.0 Blog.  

If you do not wish to change any video footage within this template, skip this step.

Holiday party video invitations Step 4. Mix and match stock footage

Step 5. Edit background music

If your video template’s theme isn’t exactly quite right for your holiday event, change the background music! To change the background music of your video invitation, click Stock, then Audio. Scroll through our stock audio or search a specific name to find the tune you are after. Click the + Add button to download the audio to your media library. Click Close to return to the editor.

Holiday party video invitations Step 5. Edit background music

To add your new background audio onto your video invitation, click on the song you would like to delete off your timeline. Once the track is highlighted green, click on the Trash Can button to delete the sound. You can also press the Delete button on your keyboard. Drag and drop the new audio onto the timeline. Trim your track to be the same length as your video. Click on the track, then drag the green sidebar to cut music. Fade out the song by clicking Fade then drag the white circle cursor under fade out to your desired time. 

If you do not want to change any music within the template, skip this step. 

Holiday party video invitations Step 5. Edit background music 2

Step 6. Save your holiday video invitation

When you’re happy with your video invitation, click Export in the top right corner of the editor. You can either export your video as a GIF or Video. A GIF will play on repeat for your viewers, or a standard video will play for the given time length of the video invitation. Viewers will have to physically click play again to watch the video again. (GIF is only available for videos 30 seconds or less in length)

We have chosen to export in a video format. We recommend saving your video in the 720p resolution for the best sharing quality via email or social media. Click Maximum Compression for quick sending speed. Click Continue when ready to export.

Holiday party video invitations Step 6. Save your holiday video invitation

Once your video has finished downloading, save to your desktop. You can share your Holiday Party Video Invite to your guest list directly via social media, or email. A shareable link and embed code will also appear for you to copy and paste to friends and family so they can view your video invite. 

Holiday party video invitations Step 6. Save your holiday video invitation 2

Your new Holiday Party Video Invitation is ready to send! 

We hope your family and friends love your new holiday party video invite this year! If you want to explore more of our holiday templates, check out our Holiday Cards(i.e. free and premium)and Zoom Backgrounds for those who are staying in this year.

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