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10 Thanksgiving video post ideas

Updated November 14, 2023

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From heartfelt slideshow videos and highlights to Thanksgiving memes and promo videos, share your appreciation and gratitude this Thanksgiving on social media with a fun and festive video.

We've curated a beginner-friendly list of Thanksgiving post ideas you can create and share in just a few clicks. Start with a ready-to-use professional video template, customize with on-theme stock videos, holiday stickers, and add joyful jingles. Make your videos suit any platform with our popular aspect ratio presets.

Read on to explore 10 Thanksgiving video post ideas you can create for free with Clipchamp.

10 Thanksgiving video ideas

1. Slideshow videos

Easily arrange your favorite Thanksgiving photos and videos to create a memorable slideshow video. Get your slideshow to flow with royalty-free holiday music, festive sticker overlays, and unique scene transitions. If you are low on inspiration or time, create bite-sized social media videos with the auto compose feature, and let our AI video editor do the work for you.

2. Traditional dinner recipe videos

Create a tutorial video sharing steps on how to make a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Record your recipe video in a bird's-eye view, add on-screen captions explaining steps, measurements and ingredients, and showcase yourself enjoying the final product. This quick and easy how-to video can be bite-sized content for TikTok or recorded in a chatty vlog style video for YouTube.

3. Personalized thank you videos

Share your gratitude and appreciation to your loved ones, customers, or colleagues this Thanksgiving with a personalized thank you video. Create a short video using stock videos and backgrounds, say Happy Thanksgiving with text animation, and ambient background music.

4. GRWM videos

If you're getting ready for a Thanksgiving dinner or special event, create an engaging 'get ready with me' video to share on social media. Record yourself sharing makeup tips and choosing an outfit, and even share Thanksgiving memories and stories at the same time. GRWM videos can be vertical for TikTok and Instagram Reels or widescreen for YouTube.

5. Parade highlight videos

Share the joy of Thanksgiving by creating a montage of all your favorite parades and floats over the past years. All you have to do is merge video clips and photos together, add a voiceover of your reactions and commentary, and motion titles displaying the year of the Thanksgiving parade. Share your highlight video to social media, and interact with your followers by encouraging them to comment their favorite parade or float.

6. Thanksgiving sale videos  

Celebrate and generate excitement this Thanksgiving with a unique flash sale. Highlight your limited time offer, gift with purchase, or exclusive bundle deals in a scroll-stopping promo video. Just customize a professional sale video template with your own text and branding, then share directly to social media.

7. Zoom or Teams meeting backgrounds

Make your virtual meetings more engaging and on-theme by creating a Thanksgiving green screen background. Using stick videos like orange hues, pumpkin pies, and turkey stickers, create a meeting background that will leave your viewers with positivity.

8. DIY festive decorations and craft ideas

Create a family-friendly video showcasing easy and fun DIY Thanksgiving craft from paper turkeys and place cards to holiday-themed decorations. Using the speed selector, you can turn your how-to video into a timelapse, and even add a webcam video overlay using the picture-in-picture effect.

9. Thanksgiving meme videos

Want to create your very own Thanksgiving themed meme video? Use personal videos or royalty-free stock footage, overlay with meme text, then save your video as a Thanksgiving GIF for easy sharing. You can even select one of our ready-to-use meme templates for faster editing.

10. Inspirational quotes

Say Happy Thanksgiving this holiday season with a sincere quote video. Share what you're thankful for, your favorite gratitude quotes, and inspire others to share their memorable quotes as well. Just overlay the quote text on an animated background video to save in many different aspect ratios like 1:1 or 9:16 for easy social media sharing.

Explore more ways to create professional video posts like aesthetic TikTok videos and editing videos like an influencer.

Level up your social videos today with Clipchamp for free or download the Clipchamp Windows app.  

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