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10 fun virtual Thanksgiving ideas for 2021

Posted October 10, 2021
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Can’t be with your loved ones in person this Thanksgiving? Stay connected and share the feeling of thankfulness a little differently this year with these 10 fun Thanksgiving video ideas to celebrate virtually this year with your family and friends. 

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Whether you’re hosting a family Zoom, Teams or Hangouts Thanksgiving dinner, sending free Thanksgiving cards, playing a family Thanksgiving meme game, or creating a virtual family cookbook, we at Clipchamp video editor hope you'll create new virtual Thanksgiving traditions with our favorite video ideas.

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Top 10 virtual Thanksgiving ideas

Say Happy Thanksgiving virtually on turkey day with our top 10 Thanksgiving ideas. 

1. Reminisce with a slideshow video of past Thanksgiving memories

When you can’t be together in person, help your friends and family celebrate Thanksgiving from afar with a slideshow video. Ask each person to send you their favorite Thanksgiving memory caught on camera and create a meaningful slideshow video using Clipchamp’s free online video editor. Easily upload your family and friends’ submissions from Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Zoom, Box, Google Photos, or your smartphone. Watch your video via Zoom, Hangouts, or Microsoft Teams, send it through Clipchamp’s save and share feature. 

2. Virtual Thanksgiving dinner ideas

Don’t miss out on having Thanksgiving dinner this year with your family and friends. Instead of celebrating at someone’s house, set up your laptop, tablet, or smartphone with the camera showing your faces during Thanksgiving dinner. Organize a time for all of your loved ones to do the same, and join a Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Hangouts meeting for a virtual Thanksgiving dinner. To feel more connected, create a virtual family Zoom background from an old family photo or even a picture of the same family living room. Share Thanksgiving-themed Zoom backgrounds with family members so they can feel as though they’re really with you eating dinner together. If you’re not sure what background to choose, search through Clipchamp’s free stock video and images.

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3. Happy Thanksgiving virtual video of gratitude

Thanksgiving is all about sharing what you’re thankful for. There’s no better way to share this year than creating a personalized video of gratitude to each family member. Set up your laptop and create an online webcam recording. Record yourself sharing your gratitude and thanks towards each family member to make them feel special. Easily edit your webcam recording with Clipchamp’s online video editor and share it directly with your family. You can even watch your video together via our Zoom-saving integration. 

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4. Family Thanksgiving meme game

Whether it’s virtual or in-person, laughter draws people together no matter where they are. Generate endless laughter and happiness through a funny family Thanksgiving meme game. Invite all your friends or family members to create a family Thanksgiving meme using Clipchamp’s free online video meme generator. Find the funniest videos or images you have of your family and friends and get creative! Memes are extremely easy to make. All you have to do is use your videos or stock, add meme text, and share. Watch your memes together on Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Hangouts, or send your meme via a sharing link. Your family members can vote for their favorite Thanksgiving meme and the winner might even score an extra slice of pumpkin pie. 

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5. Virtual Thanksgiving family cookbook

Share your favorite Thanksgiving recipes this year by creating a virtual family cookbook. Ask all your virtual dinner guests to record themselves using a webcam, camera, or smartphone, cooking a traditional Thanksgiving dinner recipe. Share tips and tricks, ingredients, and methods. Collect everyone’s cooking videos and create a virtual Thanksgiving family cookbook. All you need to do is drag and drop, trim, save, and share. 

6. Thanksgiving recipe swap

It may not be possible to hop on a flight to your parent’s house for turkey day, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the delicious sweet potato Thanksgiving treats. If you create a virtual Thanksgiving family cookbook, try creating some of Grandma’s all-time favorite pumpkin pie recipes and taste test them on a group Zoom or Teams call. Don’t worry if you are not the best chef, some Thanksgiving cooking fails will be even more entertaining. 

Thanksgiving recipe swap

7. Free Thanksgiving cards

Looking for a simple and fun Thanksgiving idea that you can create on your smartphone or desktop? Say Happy Thanksgiving virtually to your loved ones this year through free Thanksgiving cards. Instead of sending a card in the email, express your appreciation for all that is good in life with virtual happy Thanksgiving cards instead. All you have to do is create a Thanksgiving card template, then personalize the name and text for each person. Add in a funny Thanksgiving GIF and share via email, social media, or direct message. 

8. Thanksgiving virtual run 

Need to burn off some calories before your virtual Thanksgiving dinner? Participate in a fun Thanksgiving Turkey Trot race! Either search for local events held in your area or organize a Zoom or Teams Turkey Trot with your family and friends. Whether it’s around the house, treadmill, or racing to the couch, a Thanksgiving virtual run can bring your family and friends together. 

Thanksgiving virtual run

9. Virtual Thanksgiving games

Who doesn’t love game night? Not only do games bring people together, but they bring a significant amount of enjoyment with them as well. Play virtual Thanksgiving games like Thanksgiving trivia, bingo, guess who, Skribble, Chess, Thanksgiving-themed Facebook games, and recipe swaps. Games can help players and family members overcome the feeling of isolation when they can’t be together in person. Games are fun all year round, but even more so on holidays. Play virtually through Zoom or Hangouts, and share the joy of Thanksgiving together. 

Virtual Thanksgiving games

10. Thanksgiving parade watch-along

Kick-off Thanksgiving by watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with your loved ones online or by FaceTime this year. This is a simple way to stay connected, and bonus points to those who put on their Thanksgiving-themed pajamas. 

Celebrate with Clipchamp’s virtual Thanksgiving ideas

When you can’t celebrate the holidays in person, try celebrating with a virtual Thanksgiving dinner online call, Thanksgiving video, virtual Thanksgiving games, or free Thanksgiving cards. Our 10 virtual Thanksgiving ideas have got you covered no matter where your loved ones are located. 

Create a beautiful Thanksgiving video to share with your loved ones this holiday with Clipchamp’s free online video editor. 

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