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Top 20 Black Friday video ad templates for any business

Posted October 19, 2021
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Is your business ready for the Black Friday sale? Start the holiday season off with a bang by creating an eye-catching Black Friday ad shoppers can’t say no to. 

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With Clipchamp’s free online video editor, your business can create Black Friday ads and Cyber Monday sale promo videos without leaving your web browser. All you have to do is customize our ready-to-use Black Friday sale templates, add your brand kit, then save in ratios suitable for any social media like Facebook ads and Instagram ads. 

Read on to explore how to boost your video marketing strategy this Black Friday 2021 with our favorite Black Friday ad templates. 

Why you should be using Black Friday ad templates

Don’t miss out on a marketing tool that can save your business an enormous amount of time, money, and even skyrocket sales. Incorporate Black Friday ad video templates this silly season. 

Clipchamp’s Black Friday video ad templates are fully customizable, made by professionals, and tailored to suit a range of different industries. Build brand awareness by maintaining a consistent look and feel across all Black Friday ad campaigns with our helpful Brand Kit, and you’ll never be second-guessing your video dimensions ever again. You can even batch create videos to save valuable time and keep your customers and followers entertained. Plus, as a bonus, you don’t have to feature in the video ad if you’re having a bad hair day! Our extensive range of stock video and images are all you need to fill in the gaps. 

FAQ: What video ratio should my Black Friday sale and Cyber Monday ad be saved in?

You can edit any video template ratio using Clipchamp’s selection of aspect ratios: 

  • Widescreen 16:9 for YouTube, Vimeo, or a Facebook cover video, 

  • Portrait 9:16 for social media stories, IGTV, and mobile video 

  • Square 1:1 for Instagram posts and Carousel ads, 

  • Social 4:5 for social feeds like Instagram and Facebook, 

  • Vertical 2:3 for Pinterest and Facebook feeds, 

  • Cinematic 21:9 for films and blog banners. 

We recommend using either 9:16 aspect ratio, 1:1 aspect ratio, or 4:5 aspect ratio for Black Friday sale Instagram ads and Facebook ads. 

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The best Black Friday ad ideas with templates in 2021

Take a look at our favorite 2021 Black Friday ad templates. 

1. Upbeat Black Friday sales ad template

Say hello to Black Friday sales with this fun, eye-catching video ad template. Showcase your target audience through stock video, and let your potential customers know your sale starts now. 

2. Cocktail Black Friday sale template

Give your customers a preview of what to expect on sale this Black Friday sale with a swipe through social media posts. Add your Brand Kit to the template to customize the pastel color scheme and font. 

3. Beauty Black Friday sale ad template

Take your followers on a Throwback Thursday journey with an old-school polaroid picture social media post (with an iconic 2021 twist of course). Share your ultimate beauty products that are on sale this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

4. Gym product announcement

Black Friday isn’t just about promoting major sales. Capture the attention of your target audience with a bright and colorful new product announcement video. Showcase your new product and even a cheeky Black Friday sale discount CTA at the end of your social media video. 

5. OMG meme Black Friday ad template

Did someone say Black Friday Sale? *Gasp* Share a hilarious meme video ad template to capture the attention of all ages. Promote your Black Friday sale event a little differently this holiday season and keep up with the social media trends of 2021. 

6. Mega toy Black Friday sale ad template

Is your toyshop having a mega Black Friday sale this year? Connect with your younger audience with this fun-filled toy sale template. All you have to do is personalize the text to suit your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. 

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7. Celebrate Black Friday homewares sale template

Dance like no one’s watching this Black Friday sale. Add a little humor to your social media sale ads with this joyful template. Just by adding a funny video, your audience can feel more connected to your business. 

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8. TikTok Black Friday challenge video template

Get the community involved in this Black Friday sale and create a challenge video trend. The more people who share your challenge means the more potential customers you will make. 

9. Jewelry Black Friday sale ad template

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so they say. Promote your jewelry sale with this elegant, sophisticated Black Friday sale template. You don’t need paid actors or models. Just use stock video instead. 

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10. Online course Black Friday sale template

Sometimes learning new instruments, languages, or theories has to be done in the comfort of our own homes. So now is the perfect time to promote your online course Black Friday sale. Personalize this upbeat Instagram ad template to suit your online course sale. 

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11. Sunglass Black Friday sale template

Grab your audience's attention and encourage them to buy this Black Friday sale with our easy-to-use video ad template. Video marketing is the best way to show off multiple different products all in the same short period. This Black Friday campaign uses striking font styles to show off your latest sale offers. 

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12. Black Friday sale ad for pets

Our adorable pet supply sale ad template catches your eye with puppy cuteness. Who can say no to that cheeky face! Our Black Friday sale video template is all you need to promote your Instagram ad this year. Don’t miss out on this great marketing opportunity to engage as many people as possible. 

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13. Black Friday sale template with GIFs

Stand out from other generic Black Friday ads. Our Black Friday sale and Cyber Monday ad made with GIFs is the perfect way to draw viewers’ attention. Showcase to potential customers products they didn’t even know they needed. Check out our many fun GIFs in our Stock Library. Make your ad humorous, entertaining, and informative with Clipchamp. 

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14. Weekend Black Friday sale template

A video can express emotion and make your audience feel a certain way. The combination of soothing music and relaxed footage lures the viewers into wanting what’s in the video. Therefore generating sales on client sessions. Create your very own weekend sale ad using this ready-made template. 

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15. Green screen Black Friday sale template

Looking for a unique way to promote your Black Friday sale? Check out our awesome real estate template using green screen. You don’t need to be an editing genius to make a professional-looking video. Just use our already made template and personalize it with your Brand Kit. 

16. Electronics Black Friday sale template

Keep Instagram ads and Facebook ads fast, upbeat and entertaining. The more fun you have creating your new Black Friday ad the better. Encourage your audience to purchase from your store this holiday season with a Black Friday sale short video. Our electronics Black Friday ad template is a portfolio-style video, giving viewers a clear idea of what you are offering to them.

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17. TikTok filter Black Friday ad template

Don’t bore your audience this Black Friday sale with the same repetitive marketing videos. Step out of your brand’s comfort zone this holiday season and create a groovy, on-trend lens filter. This is a great alternative for those who have limited video footage of their products. Show fun stock footage of smiling, excited people instead and entice viewers to buy.  

18. TikTok Black Friday sale video template

Everyone loves a catchy jingle, so use it to your advantage. Great video marketing starts with a jingle to spark a nostalgic feeling amongst viewers. the tune usually gets stuck in their heads for days, making the viewer remember your brand from your jingle. We have created a fun jingle using stock footage and audio. Feel free to use ours, or create your own.

19. TikTok Challenge Black Friday ad template

Ask your viewers to take part in your new Black Friday ad campaign. Challenges are perfect for generating brand conversation and customer awareness. Encourage shoppers to take part in your #challenge to receive a discount, a chance to be featured on your social media, or simply just for fun. 

20. Fashion lookbook Black Friday sale template

Last but not least, our favorite Instagram ad for a fashion lookbook. Showcase your latest holiday collection, then add a Black Friday sale discount at the end of the video. 

Hurry! Black Friday is here.

Whether you’re promoting clothing, jewelry, toys, home decor, pet supplies, or much more, create eye-catching Black Friday sale video ads in just a few clicks.

Showcase your Black Friday sale with Clipchamp’s free online video editor. 

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