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Our Top 20 Black Friday Video Templates

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Our Top 20 Black Friday Video Templates

Shoppers are getting ready for one of the biggest sales of the year as Black Friday is quickly approaching! Is your business ready to rumble? Start the holiday season off with a bang by creating eye catching Black Friday campaigns that customers will love. Get creative with our ready to use Black Friday video ad templates. Below are our favourite Black Friday video templates that we think will successfully showcase your business. 

We've made them in all of the aspect ratios you need:

  • Square 1:1

  • Widescreen 16:9

  • Portrait 9:16

Square 1:1 Instagram Black Friday ad templates

Square ad templates are perfect for social media use, especially for sponsored Instagram newsfeed ads or posts.

Power tool sale ad template

Power tools can be quite expensive, especially when someone’s Christmas list consists of more than one tool. Treat your loyal customers or entice new ones with a unique Black Friday offer! Log into your Clipchamp account or sign up for free to use this template as is or swap in some personal footage and text. Save your new ad to your mobile device and upload directly to Instagram.  

Pet supply sale ad template

Our adorable pet supply sale ad template catches your eye with puppy cuteness. Who can say no to that cheeky face! Our template lets you promote your online Black Friday sale on Instagram this year. Don’t miss out on this great marketing opportunity to engage as many people as possible. Log into your Clipchamp account to get started.

Department store sale ad template

Promote your entire store not just a particular category with our department store sale ad for Black Friday marketing! If you have a storewide Black Friday promotion you would like to advertise, use this Clipchamp ready to use template to publish on Instagram. Get your viewers excited for your upcoming sale as soon as possible!

Sale ad with GIFS template

Stand out from other companies generic Black Friday ads. Our sale ad with GIFS is the perfect way to draw in viewers attention and showcase to potential customers products they didn’t even know they needed. We have a large variety of GIFS to choose from in our Stock Library. Make your ad humorous, entertaining and informative with Clipchamp.

Widescreen 16:9 Black Friday ad templates

Widescreen Ad templates are ideal for promotional use on YouTube, Vimeo or any platform that requires a cinema widescreen ratio. 

Insurance sale ad template

If you’re looking to promote your Black Friday video on YouTube in a widescreen format, don’t scroll past our insurance sale ad template. This light hearted promotional video shows young adults having carefree fun on a holiday joy ride. You want to relate to your viewers. Show them a popular activity that they have most likely taken part in, then promote your company's service that they may not have yet. 

Weekend sale ad template

Video acts as a way to feel and express emotion. The combination of soothing music and relaxed footage lures the viewers into wanting what’s in the video. Therefore generating sales on client sessions. Create your very own weekend sale ad using this ready made template.

Celebrate a sale ad template

It’s time to party with our celebrate a sale ad template! Spice up your Black Friday ad campaigns with this groovy template. Shorter videos, like this one are the most effective way to grab viewers attention on social media. If the viewer likes your ad, they are likely to click through and buy your product or service.

Sunglass sale ad template

Grab your audience's attention and encourage them to buy with this Black Friday ad template. Video is the best way to show off multiple different products all in the asme short time span. This promotional video uses striking font styles to show off your latest sale offers. 

Mega toy sale ad template

Is your store having a mega toy sale but not sure how to make an awesome Black Friday video? This ready to use Clipchamp template is your one stop shop! Use this template as is and only personalise the text if you would like. If you want to target your younger audience, this is the perfect Black Friday ad for your business.

Green screen real estate ad template

Looking for a unique way to promote your Black Friday video? Check out our awesome real estate template using green screen! Our How to Make a Green Screen Video blog is the perfect read for editing beginners. You don’t need to be a pro to make a professional looking video. Just use our already made template and personalise to your business theme.

Christmas puppies video template

Make this year's sale one to remember. Share a glimpse of puppy love with an irresistible marketing campaign. Black Friday videos don’t always have to be about flashy sales and discounts. Promote new stock, or in this case, a new litter! This personal announcement video is a simple way to share news and upcoming events. Easily adapt this template and make it your own.

Portrait 9:16 Black Friday ad templates

Black Friday TikTok sale ad template

Instagram stories are viewed by 500 million users a day, with TikTok closely following behind with 800 million monthly users. Businesses need to start taking advantage of how powerful story ads can be for customer revenue. Increase brand awareness, views, reach and generate conversation about your business with this TikTok Black Friday Sale ad template. If you want to learn more about the benefits of TikTok ads, check out or How to Make Video Ads for TikTok blog. You can also use our TikTok ad templates.

Black Friday online course ad template

Promote your online course sale with a Black Friday video for social media. If you’re discounting a particular course your company offers, include footage of success stories and past students. Generate conversation around your business by posting your promotion on social media. The quick story format makes the message easy for your audience to understand, hopefully encouraging them to sign up for their next course.

Black Friday shop online ad

This year's recent challenges may leave customers undecided whether they will join the hustle and bustle on Black Friday. It’s safe to say online shopping has become the best pass time during uncertain times. So get on the latest trend and promote your online Black Friday sale! 

Black Friday jewellery ad template

Boost sales this Black Friday with a short, but sweet promotional video. Showcase your latest products and promote your discount or offer. This template references a jewellery store, although it’s easily adaptable for any small business to use on Black Friday. All you need to do is swap out our stock footage and insert your own.

Black Friday electronics ad template

Keep social media ads fast, upbeat and entertaining. The more fun you have with your ad the better! Encourage your audience to purchase from your store on Black Friday by presenting all your latest products in the one short video. This electronics ad template is more of a portfolio style Black Friday video, giving viewers a clear idea on what you are offering to them.

Black Friday/Christmas ad vertical video template

Christmas is just around the corner. Use your Black Friday ad to promote the last of this years Christmas stock! Shoppers love a good sale on Christmas homewares, especially with a month left to decorate. Use this template to share your Black Friday deals in a humorous manner. Including a joke or funny catchphrase is a great way to grab viewers attention when they are scrolling through social media.

TikTok filter lense ad template

Black Friday social media posts can  become boring and repetitive if brands use the same marketing style over and over again. Step out of your comfort zone this Black Friday and use Clipchamp's new groovy filter lenses. You don't necessarily have to use product placement within your ad. Try showing fun stock footage of smiling, excited people to entice viewers to buy. 

TikTok latest news ad template

Everyone loves a catchy jingle. Great advertising starts with a jingle to spark a nostalgic feeling amongst viewers, and get it stuck in their head for days on end. Viewers will remember your brand name if they remember your jingle. We have created a fun jingle using stock footage and audio. Feel free to use ours, or create your own!

TikTok bake off challenge

Ask your viewers to take part in your new Black Friday marketing strategy. Challenges are perfect for generating brand conversation and awareness. Encourage shoppers to take part in your #challenge in order to receive a discount, a chance to be featured on your social media or simply just for fun.

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Written by Christie Passaris on November 19, 2020
About the Author

Christie Passaris is a freelance writer by day, and fashion designer by night. While she enjoys creating iconic looks and teaching others about Clipchamp's latest features, her true love is for her dog, Billy the Beagle.

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