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16 Video transitions that transform video editing

Updated July 5, 2023

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Looking to polish your videos and engage more viewers? Adding scene transitions and special effects can set your video's mood, pace, and style. Whether you’re creating slideshow videos and daily vlogs for YouTube or mobile-friendly marketing ads for Instagram Reels, take your video to the next level with video transitions.

Read on to explore the best cool video transitions and how to add transitions in Clipchamp.

What are video transitions?

Video transitions creatively connect two or more video clips. An essential in any video editor’s toolkit, scene transitions like fading to black, fade-out, pan, zoom, jump cuts, swipe, glitch, and cross-dissolve can transform videos. Video transitions can guide the pace or speed of the video and can even help engage viewers and increase your video watch time.

16 video transitions and effects you need to try

1. Liquid streaks and liquid drops video transitions

Want to make social media videos like TikTok trends and Instagram Reels even more entertaining? Add the liquid streaks or liquid drops video transition between your clips. The unique special effect is ideal for fine-tuning videos of any genre and making them more professional in seconds.

To use the liquid drop or liquid streaks transition, search ‘liquid drop’ or ‘liquid streaks’ in Clipchamp.

2. Fade through black and fade through white video transitions

There are two fade through transitions to choose from inside the transitions tab. The fade through black transition makes a clip gradually dissolve into a black background, while the fade-through white transition gradually dissolves into a white background. These simple video scene transitions suit any video like YouTube tutorials, music videos, and performance videos as they’re used to create suspense between scenes. You can even fade in and out audio to match your fade through video transition.

To use the fade transitions, search “Fade through white” and “Fade through black” in Clipchamp.

3. Fire video transition

Showcase your action sport, new TikTok dance, or mystery reveal video with the fire video transition. Create short, sharp, and cool videos that your viewers will love, while adding special effects to help grow your channel. The fire video transition moves between clips in a ‘fire’ motion graphic, resembling a burning flame.

To use the fire transition, search ‘fire’ in Clipchamp.

4. Close video transition

The close video transition diagonally closes one clip and spins into the next to create a stylish progression. This unique scene transition adds personality to any video, specifically popular on social media sale ads, travel vlogs, and mobile-friendly video content like Instagram Reels and TikTok.

To use the close transition, search “Close” in Clipchamp.

5. Tiles video transition

If you want to add an exclusive transition between video clips, the tiles transition is perfect for your video. Tiles moves between clips using a ‘tile’ or box like design, adding a creative touch to any video like slideshows and presentations, demo videos, and short-form videos like sale ads, travel videos, and even gaming videos.

To use the tiles transition, search “Tiles” in Clipchamp.

6. Barn doors vertical and horizontal video transitions

Show off your real estate videos, office tours, and behind the scenes clips with the barn doors vertical and horizontal video transitions. Whether you’re creating videos for Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube Shorts, widescreen desktop, the barn doors scene transition suits both aspect ratios. Spice up your videos and transition between clips a little differently with the simplistic barn doors effect.

To use the barn door transition, search ‘barn doors vertical’ or ‘barn doors horizontal’ in Clipchamp.

7. Ink video transition

The ink video transition creates a fluid ink effect resembling a paintbrush stroke between two video clips. The creative video effect is ideal for slideshows of art exhibitions, mobile-friendly TikTok videos, school projects, storytelling videos, and music videos.

To use the ink transition, search “Ink” in Clipchamp.

8. Glitch and glitch reveal video transition

Want to replicate a camera or video encoding distortion when moving between clips? Try the glitch and glitch reveal video transition. Also known as Chromatic Aberration, the transition adds a dramatic flair to your videos by creating intensity and building suspense between two clips by imitating a problem with the video signal. Glitches are trending in spooky Halloween videos, and perfect for creating hype around product launches and social media content.

To use the glitch and glitch reveal transitions, search “Glitch” and “Glitch reveal” in Clipchamp.

9. Zoom in and zoom out video transitions

The zoom in and zoom out transitions are essential in every video editor's toolkit. The zoom in transition moves closer to the main subject, and the zoom out transition moves further away from the subject or focal point in the video. This easy effect instantly grabs the attention of your viewers and is ideal for gaming videos, YouTube reaction videos, social media sale ads, and slideshow videos.

To use the zoom in and zoom out transitions, search “Cross fade” in Clipchamp.

10. Spin video transition

The spin transition is a popular video effect that rotates a video into the following clip with a fast 180-degree spin. The scene transition creates a fun, artistic effect suitable for travel vlogs, action and sport videos, fashion and lifestyle, event promos and music videos. The spin transition also pairs perfectly with sound effects like swoosh, or clicks, and to the beat of royalty-free music.

To use the spin transition, search “Spin” in Clipchamp.

11. Heart video transition

Add a romantic touch to promotional content like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, or make your video cards, wedding slideshows, or proposal videos more sentimental with the heart video transition. Smoothly move between clips in a heart shape motion that symbolizes love and enhances personal touch.

To use the heart transition, search ‘heart’ in Clipchamp.

12. Wipe right and wipe left video transition 

If you want to replicate a swiping motion or page turns, try out the wipe right and wipe left video transition. The wipe transition can add additional effects and a personal touch to your storytelling videos, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Stories, and any slideshow video with motion titles.

To use the wipe right and wipe left transitions, search “Wipe right” and “Wipe left” in Clipchamp.

13. Wipe up and wipe down video transitions

Just like the wipe right and left, wipe up and wipe down scene transition creates a seamless wiping motion between video clips. If you’re creating a promo video, corporate presentation, slideshow, or YouTube tutorials like picture-in-picture, the wipe transition can introduce a product or display text.

To use the wipe up and wipe down transitions, search “Wipe up” and “Wipe down” in Clipchamp.

14. Cross blur and cross fade video transitions

Blur the end of your clip while seamlessly moving into the next clip with the cross blur and cross fade scene transitions. Edit your videos like a pro, whether you’re creating underwater slideshows, social media sale ads, or corporate presentations. You can even fade in and out audio to match your blur endings.

To use the cross blur and cross fade transitions, search “Cross blur” and ‘Cross fade” in Clipchamp.

15. Push left and push right video transitions

Quickly slide through video clips either from the left or from the right motion with the push video transition. Like wipe left and right, the scene transition moves through clips faster and more eye-catching. Add a push left and push right transition to holiday recap videos, to YouTube vlogs when changing locations, on different topic changes. This pairs well with sound effects and audio.

To use the push left and push right transitions, search “Push left” and “Push right” in Clipchamp.

16. Push up and push down video transitions 

If you want to resemble a slideshow effect on lifestyle videos, catalogs, photoshoot videos, or travel vlogs, use the push up and push down video transition between clips. The video transition improves the flow of any video to make them sharable on YouTube and Instagram.

To use the push up and push down transitions, search “Push up” and “Push down” in Clipchamp.

Video transitions tips

Choosing the right transition effect for your video depends on the style, mood, and tone you’re creating for your viewers to enjoy. Try to edit your videos with various transitions and see what style best suits your aesthetic. You don’t have to make the right decision first go—explore different transitions to find the one you love. Customize your videos with our range of transitions found in the transition library.

For more help adding scene transitions between clips, check out or YouTube tutorial.

Seamlessly move through video clips with a wide variety of transitions and special effects in Clipchamp. For more video editing techniques, check out overlay text to videos.

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