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YouTube Shorts—Ultimate guide and video ideas

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YouTube has launched a new type of short-form video content—YouTube Shorts. This new “Story” format or vertical micro-content is the latest joining its rivals—Instagram, Tiktok video, Snapchat, and Facebook, too. 

Being a creator’s favorite video-sharing platform, we explore what new opportunities YouTube Shorts brings to your marketing mix! Let’s explore: 

  • What are YouTube shorts?

  • Who should use YouTube shorts?

  • Why should you use YouTube shorts?

  • When can you use YouTube shorts?

  • Where to use YouTube shorts?

  • How to create YouTube shorts?

YouTube Shorts—Ultimate guide and video ideas-Clipchamp blog

What are YouTube shorts?

YouTube shorts is a vertical video format with micro-content that goes up to 60 seconds in length. 

Launched in 2020, these types of YouTube videos are meant to be consumed on smartphones as they are shot vertically in a 9:16 aspect ratio and takes up the entire screen of most smartphones offering an emerging viewing experience. 

Who should use YouTube Shorts?

YouTube shorts is a huge opportunity for creators and businesses as there’s less saturation when it comes to creating YouTube shorts compared to regular YouTube videos. This means YouTube shorts should be used by YouTube creators from all genres.

A YouTube vlogger can curate a series of YouTube shorts that entice the viewer to click on the channel and subscribe

It can also be used by brands and small businesses to market their products by creating small snippets or recycling their long-form videos into YouTube shorts using a video editor

Why should you use YouTube shorts?

When a social media platform launches a new feature, it (rather, the algorithm!) wants its creators to use the new feature and popularize it. Essentially, if you engage with this new feature, there’s a chance your YouTube channel will witness a spike in both profile and video views. This has previously played out with Instagram Reels too.

So, sounds like an easy way to achieve higher reach and increase engagement, right? Yes, it is. 

It’s a great time for a business to revisit its YouTube strategy to include shorts. This is how popular cooking channel Preppy Kitchen informs his audience about when and what to expect in his YouTube Shorts. 

However, businesses who want to market themselves using YouTube shorts will have to be fluid and creative with the new vertical video format. 

Some easy YouTube shorts video ideas 

There are numerous scenarios to use YouTube shorts for individual creators and businesses alike. 

Some YouTube shorts video ideas are to create hype for an upcoming event or a product launch, create a quick video tutorial, or even film a behind-the-scenes culture video.

We recommend that you can also treat YouTube shorts as a free ad-space! Businesses can use YouTube shorts to boost the sale of their product by creating short and catchy videos such as quick product how-to videos.

Where to use YouTube shorts? 

The time taken to watch a YouTube shorts video is so little compared to its potential benefits, and we mean a higher brand awareness as well as community-building.

YouTube shorts can be used as pre-rolls to the larger videos on your channel. This increases the channel’s video views as the pre-rolls are usually enticing for viewers to watch more of the original content. 

YouTube shorts can also be used as means to recycle old videos to retain audiences using the format. If you’re feeling thrifty, you can also repurpose your video across social media platforms such as Instagram reels, Facebook watch, or TikTok (but make sure to resize your aspect ratio correctly!). 

How to create YouTube shorts?

YouTube shorts must be created by capturing the video vertically instead of horizontally. Now, you may want to check out our blog on how to create amazing vertical videos before you get started.

Alternatively, you can convert your horizontal, 16:9 footage to make a Youtube shorts video using an easy aspect ratio resizer tool.

You can create and upload a YouTube short from your smartphone by opening the YouTube app and clicking on the plus button that brings up options to choose between uploading a video, going live, creating a post, or creating a short. 

You can click on ‘Create a short’ and hit the red button to start recording. 

Alternatively, you can also upload a pre-recorded vertical video under the length of 60 seconds by clicking on the small box on the bottom right that will show the clips on your smartphone. 

YouTube Shorts has features that enable you to put a timer and adjust the speed of your clip up to 3x faster and 0.3x slower. 

The pre-recorded vertical video clips that you upload on YouTube shorts give you the power to customize your video the way you want to suit your brand’s needs. 

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