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How to separate audio from video

Updated December 21, 2022
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An image of a user clicking on the detach button in Clipchamp.

There’s no need to re-record your video if the audio is not good. Easily separate your unwanted audio from a video in a free video editor to remove mistakes or change the music. 

Detach your audio and replace it with royalty-free background music, sound effects and even a free AI voiceover by following these simple steps in Clipchamp.

How to separate the audio from video 

Step 1. Upload your video and add it to your timeline

To start editing, click on the import media button to upload your video.

An image of a user importing media.

Next, drag and drop your video onto the timeline or click on the + button.

An image of a user adding their media to the timeline.

Step 2. Separate the audio from your video

Click on your video on the timeline so it’s highlighted green, then click on the audio tab on the right property panel.

An image of a user clicking on the audio tab on the property panel.

Click on the detach audio button.

An image of a user clicking the detach audio button.

Your audio file should now be separated from your video and located under your video on the timeline. The audio file will also automatically download to your computer. The video on your timeline will now have no sound.

An image of the video and audio separate on the timeline.

Alternatively, you can detach the audio from your video by right-clicking on the video preview on the timeline, then clicking audio, then detach. You can mute your video here as well.

An image of a user right-clicking on the timeline video to detach audio.

Step 3. Delete or replace the detached audio (optional)

If you want to delete the separated audio from your timeline, click on the audio file so it’s highlighted green, then click on the trash can icon. You can also use the delete key on your keyboard.

An image of a user deleting the detached audio.

You can also replace the separated audio with one of our stock audio tracks. On the left toolbar, click on the music & SFX tab to open our royalty-free music and sound effects options. 

Using the search bar and categorized folders, browse the library and find the right audio track for your video. Drag and drop the music onto the timeline replacing the existing audio.

An image of a user replacing detached audio with stock music.

How to mute the audio on your video

You can also easily mute the audio in your videos in one simple click. Just click the audio button on the video preview on the timeline.

An image of a user clicking on the audio button on the timeline.

The audio symbol will change from on to off, and your video will now be muted.

An image of a video on the timeline muted.

You can also turn down the volume of your video using the audio tab on the right property panel and drag the audio toggle left and right.

An image of a user editing the volume of a video to mute.

Frequently asked questions

Can I undo if I accidentally delete the audio to my video?

Yes. Using the undo and redo buttons on the timeline, you can undo and redo any action you have made in the editor. You can also re-add your video to the timeline to get it back to its original form.

Can I edit the separated audio from video?

Yes. You can edit your audio volume, speed and add fades. You can also trim, split, and delete your audio file on the timeline.

Can I export my audio only?

No. Clipchamp exports all videos in MP4 format, meaning you can’t export MP3 files alone.

Whether you want to replace audio or delete mistakes, edit your video confidently with Clipchamp online video editor.

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