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Image background removal

Easily remove and replace the background of any image in seconds using the smart AI-powered image background removal. Learn more.

An image of a user removing the background of an image.


Freehand rotate

Rotate videos, images, logos, and graphics 360 degrees for free, without any limitations. Learn more.

An image of the freehand rotate feature in Clipchamp.


Stock music

Let music tell your story and make your videos one to remember by exploring over 200 new music tracks exclusive to the content library. Learn more.

An image of the stock music library in Clipchamp.


Silence remover

Automatically find and delete unwanted silences and pauses from videos and voiceovers with our smart AI-powered feature, silence removal. Learn more.

An image of a user removing silences.


Audio recorder

Record clear and professional voiceovers to add to any video with the online audio recorder. Learn more.

An image of the voiceover in Clipchamp.


Content library tab

Discover higher quality and relevant stock assets all in the one place inside the new Content library tab. Learn more.

An image of the content library tab on the toolbar in Clipchamp.


Xbox integration

Directly access your Xbox clips with no file transfers necessary using the new Xbox importing integration. Learn more.

An image of the Xbox integration in Clipchamp.


Auto compose

Unleash your inner director with the new auto compose feature that can easily create engaging short videos for you. Learn more.

An image of the auto compose feature.


Multi-item editing

Save valuable time and edit faster like a pro with the new multi-item editing tool. Learn more.

An image of the multi-item editing function.


Pride Month templates

Create videos to celebrate Pride Month. We've created quality Make Pride video templates, flag overlays, stickers and royalty-free video assets to help you spread awareness and create inclusive video content. Learn more.

Representation of editing a Pride month video in Clipchamp


12 exciting Clipchamp updates

From blend modes to improved text to speech, see all the updates to make your video editing experience easier, faster and more fun. Learn more.

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Save 4K video resolution

Essentials subscribers can now upload, edit, and save videos in super crisp, ultra-high definition 4K video resolution. Learn more.


Sign language stickers

Check out the new range of free American Sign Language (ASL) video stickers to help create accessible videos for work, school or social media. Learn more.

Sign language stickers in Clipchamp


Speaker coach

Get real-time feedback to improve your presentation skills, become a more confident presenter, and create engaging videos with speaker coach. Learn more.

An image of the speaker coach feature in Clipchamp.



Generate real-time captions quickly and safely using our smart voice detection technology. Make your videos accessible and easy to follow while muted. Learn more.

An image of the autocaptions feature.


Keyboard shortcuts

For when clicks just won't do. Our team has introduced keyboard shortcuts to the editor. This update not only improves accessibility, it can speed up editing times too. Learn more.

Clipchamp Shortcuts Blog hero


Floating toolbar and property panel

The updated floating toolbar and new property panel are designed to make your editing experience faster, easier and more accessible. Learn more.

Image of the floating toolbar and property panel in the editor.


Speed selector

Take control over your video speeds with the new and improved customizable speed selector. Learn more.

A close up image of the speed controller.


Full screen previews

Get a closer look at what you're working on thanks to our latest update. It now takes just two clicks to preview your video in full screen. Learn more.

Image of the full screen video preview in Clipchamp.


Freehand crop

Introducing freehand cropping — crop certain areas of your videos, images and stickers by adjusting the corners inside the video preview area. You can even change the aspect ratio by using your cursor. Learn more.

An image of a user freehand cropping a video.


Gap removal

Identify gaps in your editing timeline and instantly delete them using the trash can icon. Learn more.

A cursor hovers over the gap removal icon, on the timeline, in the Clipchamp video editor.



The toolbar has had a much needed makeover. Get to know the new flexible new design, updated content library, new editing features and much more. Learn more.

An image of the toolbar in Clipchamp.



Introducing grouping — a new functionality that makes video editing even easier. Now you can select multiple items on the timeline and group them together. Learn more.

Three items grouped in Clipchamp.



Get your videos organized with folders! Our newest addition helps you clean up your home page, group videos together, and work effectively. Learn more.


Over 20 new fonts

The font you choose says a lot, so we're giving you more options! From modern Montserrat to classic Playball, we're sure you'll find a style to make your videos stand out. Learn more.


Subscribe panels

Our design team's done it again, curating a collection of subscribe panels. Boost your subscription numbers by adding one of these awesome animations to your video. Learn more.


30 fresh templates

Our designers have been busy building templates for you. These 30 exciting new additions cover scenarios from Instagram Story sales to Twitch livestreams. Learn more.


Brand kit

This just in — brand kit. Explore this new space in Clipchamp where you can store your brand’s go-to fonts, colors, and logos. It’s the key to keeping your videos consistent and on-brand. Learn more.

An image of the brand kit feature in Clipchamp.


Screen & camera recorder

It's here! The tool you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived at Clipchamp. Now, you can simultaneously record your screen and camera to produce content — from sales pitches to react videos. Learn more.


Text to speech

We want to be the video editor anyone can use, no matter the language they speak. So our team is saying sayonara to the old, and hola to an update of text to speech with 170 voices spread across 70 languages. Learn more.

An image of the text to speech feature in Clipchamp.


Replace timeline items

We're introducing a small but mighty product update to the editor — replace timeline item. You'll be amazed how much time you can save with a few fewer clicks. Learn more.

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