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Edit faster by grouping items in Clipchamp 

Posted December 13, 2021

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Three items grouped in Clipchamp.

Are you editing a video with multiple layers of video clips, audio, text and animations? At Clipchamp, we understand that working with many layers can be challenging since small edits can move your clips out of sync. That's why we've created an intuitive shortcut—grouping. With grouping you can carefully coordinate your video layers and edit your video groups in a click. This feature is especially helpful if you're editing long videos like demos and explainer videos or YouTube vlogs. Learn how to easily keep track of all your different video elements in the timeline with grouping in Clipchamp.

How to group items in the timeline

Step 1. Select the items to group

Hold the shift key to select multiple items on the timeline that you’d like to turn into a group. With your items selected, right-click to see your options. Select group from the list that appears.

A screenshot of grouping items on the timeline in Clipchamp.

Step 2. Re-position and edit your group

Groups can be moved around your timeline without the need to continue selecting multiple items — one click is all you need to select the set of video assets. You can also copy, paste, change the group position or split your entire group easily.

A screenshot of moving grouped items on the timeline in Clipchamp.

Step 3. Edit individual items in a group

When grouped, items can still be edited individually. Just double-click the item to make individual changes.

A screenshot of editing an individual item in a group in Clipchamp.

How to ungroup items in the timeline

If you don’t want your items grouped anymore, you can simply ungroup them. Just right-click your group and select ungroup from the list of options that appear.

A screenshot of ungrouping a group on the timeline in Clipchamp.

Start using grouping to speed up your video editing in Clipchamp.

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