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Automatically remove the background of an image in seconds with Clipchamp.

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Customize your images using AI

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Remove backgrounds with confidence

Make the background of an image transparent online without sacrificing your original PNG or JPEG image quality. Confidently upload and improve your images to add to videos with no external installations required.

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Retouch with unlimited stock assets

Replace images background with a variety of high-quality stock assets like solid-colored backgrounds, images, videos, GIFs, and more. Highlight the subject in your image then swap different stock backgrounds in and out, quickly and easily.

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Transform logos and watermarks

Give your logo image a transparent background to create the perfect watermark for any video. Remove solid-colored backgrounds, adjust the transparency, then overlay your logo onto a video in just a few clicks.

How to remove an image background in Clipchamp

  • 1

    Import a PNG or JPEG image

  • 2

    Drag and drop your image onto the timeline

  • 3

    Right click on your image on the video preview window

  • 4

    Click on the remove background button

An image of a user adding an image to Clipchamp.
An image of a user adding an image to the timeline.
An image of a user removing the background of an image.
An image of a user removing the background of an image.

Level up your branded content

  • Clean up marketing videos and images to help your products stand out by replacing the background. 

  • Keep the focus in promo videos by removing unwanted distractions in the background of images. 

  • Elevate slideshow videos by removing your image background and adding text behind the subject.

An image of a user removing the background on a PowerPoint video.

Hold the focus on social media

  • Transport travel images in highlight videos to different destinations by replacing the background.  

  • Maintain a consistent aesthetic and mood on social media by replacing backgrounds with stock media and adjusting colors

  • Polish content by removing messy backgrounds in Instagram Stories with our online background remover. 

An image of a user removing a background of an under the sea image.

Teach online with confidence

  • Highlight key points and make training tutorials easier to follow by showcasing the image subject with background removal.  

  • Make corporate explainer videos professional and consistent by adding your logo or watermark.  

  • Remove the background of images to create unique stickers to suit any subject in virtual learning sessions.  

An image of a user removing an image background for educational purposes.

Need more help using image background removal?

Explore how to give your image a transparent background in our step-by-step tutorial. 

An image of a user removing the background of an image.

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