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20 Clipchamp keyboard shortcuts to save you time

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With busy schedules and limited time in mind, we’re here to show you a simple way to make your video editing in Clipchamp even easier, while eliminating time between your keyboard and mouse - cue, Clipchamp shortcuts.

Clipchamp keyboard shortcuts can save editing time, simplify your workload, and help you easily maneuver around the editor!

Firstly, what is a keyboard shortcut? 🤔

Simply put, a keyboard shortcut is a combination of keys used to execute certain tasks that would usually require a mouse click. They provide a very simple, fast way to implement repetitive tasks - for example I’m sure we’ve all used Ctrl+V to paste something easily into a document or email.

Adopting this behaviour, Clipchamp shortcuts makes editing videos a little bit easier by providing key combinations to action tasks that would usually require you to use your mouse.

So let’s jump into it! We’ve created this visual document to showcase the 20 Clipchamp shortcuts for you to enjoy and use as a resource.

Complete list of Clipchamp keyboard shortcuts:

1. Undo: Cmd/Ctrl + Z
Shortcut Undo
2. Redo: Cmd/Ctrl + ↑ + Z
shortcut Redo
3. Split selected items: S
Split selected items
4. Delete selected items: DEL or BACKSPACE
Delete selected items
5. Copy selected items: Cmd/Ctrl + C
Copy selected items
6. Paste: Cmd/Ctrl + V
7. Duplicate selected items: Cmd/Ctrl + D
Duplicate selected items
8. Zoom timeline in: Cmd/Ctrl + plus or Cmd/Ctrl + ↑ + plus
Zoom timeline in
9. Zoom timeline out: Cmd/Ctrl + minus or Cmd/Ctrl + ↑ + minus
Zoom timeline out
10. Zoom timeline to fit content: Cmd/Ctrl + 0
Zoom timeline to fit content
11. Seek to start: Cmd/Ctrl + ← or HOME
Seek to start
12. Seek to end: Cmd/Ctrl + → or END
Seek to end
13. Scrub back:
Scrub back
14. Scrub forward:
Scrub forward
15. Scroll timeline up:
Scroll timeline up
16. Scroll timeline down:
Scroll timeline down
17. Select all items: Cmd/Ctrl + A
Select all items
18. Deselect all items: ESC
 Deselect all items
19. Play/pause: SPACE
20. Show keyboard shortcuts: ↑ + / or Cmd/Ctrl + /
Show keyboard shortcuts

Full list of Clipchamp shortcuts:

Clipchamp Shortcuts Blog hero
Shortcuts full list 1

And that’s a wrap!

Give learning a few Clipchamp shortcuts a go and make your video editing a little easier.

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