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How to rotate video online

Updated March 16, 2023
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Rotate video online for free

Is your video in the wrong orientation? Sometimes when we capture video, its recorded in both landscape and portrait. Although it is funny seeing viewers turn their heads to watch a video at times, it isn't practical. Simply edit your videos rotation in a few seconds instead.

Keep reading to learn how to rotate video online with Clipchamp's video editor.

How to rotate a video

Step 1. Drag and drop a video or image onto the timeline

To rotate a video or still image 90 or 180 degrees, first you'll need to add the asset to your timeline by dragging and dropping.

Step 2. Rotate your video or image

Click on the image or video in the timeline so it's highlighted green. The floating toolbar will appear next to your preview.

Click on the rotate button on the floating toolbar. With one click, your video will rotate 90 degrees. A second click will rotate your video 180 degrees, and so on. In our example image, we have rotated our video 180 degrees to make our video appear upside down.

If you would like to undo your video rotation changes, simply click on the undo button on the timeline. You can also delete your media and readd it to the timeline.

Frequently asked questions

Is Clipchamp's rotate video feature free?

Yes. All users can rotate any video, image, or graphic in the timeline for free.

Can I rotate multiple videos at once?

No. Currently, users can only rotate assets one at a time.

How do I manually rotate a video on my iPhone?

With Clipchamp's mobile app, easily rotate videos on your iPhone for free. Follow our help guide for a detailed tutorial.

How do I flip my video?

In the floating toolbar, click on the flip horizontal or flip vertical buttons to flip your video, image, or graphic.

In a few short clicks, you can rotate a video online for free! For more easy editing hacks, head over to our split video tutorial.

Ready to edit the rotation of your video, image, or graphic? Sign up to Clipchamp today.

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