Make Corporate Videos that Impact and Impress

Whether you’re looking to create a positive welcoming environment for new employees, attract top talent with employer branding videos or make trainings more engaging, do it with Clipchamp.

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Can videos improve your work culture? Yes! 

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Brings HR strategy to life

Express your mission and vision through engaging videos to create aligned employees and reduce churn rate.

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Builds connection virtually

Alleviate the lack of in-person interaction and thrive as a team with videos that build connection. 

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Helps attract talent

Companies receive 34% more applicants when including a company culture video with job postings, according to TalentLyft.

Types of Corporate Videos you can make with Clipchamp 

We walk you through the types of corporate videos you can make with our free online video editor.

Employee Onboarding Video

Help new employees settle into workplace culture and create a positive welcoming environment that also helps inform them with useful information.

Onboarding video

Recruitment Marketing Video

Create a video to help paint a bright but honest picture of your business or company culture. Highlight why it’s awesome to work for, such as the work-life balance or talented global team.

Making HR videos- How to use videos to improve your work culture - HR Trends 2021- Clipchamp blog

Corporate Culture Video

Create a video to express your mission and vision and increase a sense of purpose among employees. 

Workplace Culture-How to use videos to improve your work culture - HR Trends 2021-Clipchamp blog

'Day in the life' Video

Help employees understand how other team members do their job and how it relates to the overall company culture. 

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How-to and Corporate Explainer Videos

Demonstrate and help employees understand how common processes work at the office, such as how to apply for leave or how to use the conference room using a handy screen recorder

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