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How to add transition sound effects

Posted January 10, 2024

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How to add music to video transitions in Clipchamp

Music is half the magic when it comes to editing a video well. Adding transitions between your video clips can make your video flow better. It’s the small video editing touches like adding a sound effect to your video transitions that can make your video more immersive for viewers.  

Video background music can amplify any emotion you want to convey, and it can even help change the mood of your video in seconds. Adding more than one music track can create a polished video that’s tied together well.  

Sound effects like “whoosh”, “glitch” and “rewind” are especially trendy to add to reaction videos, Reels and YouTube outro videos. They can add humor to your video clips or reinforce the mood of the video.  

It’s easy to layer music and sound effects with a video transition using Clipchamp and our curated royalty-free music and SFX library. Learn how to polish your transitions in this guide. 

How to add transition sound effects

Step 1. Add stock or import your own media  

Search through our royalty-free video library to find the right stock footage for your video idea. Click on the content library tab on the toolbar and click on the visuals drop down arrow, then videos. You can search through the different stock categories using keywords in the search bar as well.  

Nhập video chuyên nghiệp

To upload your own video or media, click on the import media button in the your media tab on the toolbar to browse your computer files, or connect your OneDrive. 

Nhập phương tiện vào Clipchamp

Step 2. Combine your media

Arrange your selected videos and images in any sequence you’d like.  

Adding media to the editing timeline in Clipchamp

Step 3. Add transitions to video

To add a transition between two clips, click on the transitions tab on the toolbar. Scroll through the scene transition options until you find the transition that suits your video needs.

You can preview the animations by hovering your cursor on the different options. Choose from timeless transitions like cross-fade, spin and wipes, or try a more creative transition like liquid streaks.

Browse transitions in Clipchamp

When you find a transition, drag and drop it in between two clips. The transition will automatically snap into place on the green icon that appears.

Adding a creative transition to video clips

Step 4. Select a transition sound effect

To add transition music or sound effects to your video, click on the content library tab on the toolbar and click on the visuals drop down arrow, then audio.

How to search sound effects in Clipchamp content library

You can further refine your search for a transition sound by using phrases or keywords in the search bar. Click on the play button to preview any sound in the library. It's important to find the right transition music for edits so you can use a variety of keywords to explore our huge audio library and find the track that's right for you.

Search and preview any music in Clipchamp content library

Step 5. Layer transition sound effects

When you find the transition music of your choice, simply drag and drop the sound effect in the video layer above or below your chosen transition. This will sync the music to the transition when your video plays.

You can drag the green handles of the music track in and out to trim or extend the audio. Follow the same process for all the transitions in your video.

Drag and drop sound effects into the timeline in Clipchamp

Step 6. Save your video

You can go ahead and add text, music and stickers to your video to polish it. When you’re finished adding transition music, click on the export button and select a video resolution. We recommend selecting 1080p video resolution for the best video quality. If your video includes any 4K video footage, save your video in 4K video resolution. 

Saving a video in Clipchamp in 1080p

Now that you know how to add transition music, let your creativity do the rest! Make your videos more engaging with transitions music options in Clipchamp.

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If you edit videos with many video layers, check out how to simplify your workflow with the grouping feature in Clipchamp.  

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