Make a Video Resume 

A video resume made with Clipchamp can help you land your dream job. Showcase your skills, credentials and personality to get an edge over other applicants.

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Capture your screen and record audio from your browser seamlessly

Can video resumes increase your job improve your work culture? Yes!

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Get noticed by recruiters

9 out of 10 recruiters say they prefer watching a video resume rather than reading a long resume.  

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Humble-brag through video!

Speak naturally about what you have achieved and how that can benefit the company you're applying to. 

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Take personal branding to the next level

If you’re #OpentoWork and have a video resume on your LinkedIn profile, you’re upto 10 times more likely to receive a view from a potential employer. 


Use the webcam recorder to make a video resume

Use the web recorder to create footage or upload video files to start editing.

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Edit and polish your recording up

Drag and drop your webcam recording to start editing. Add text and subtitles, annotations and minimal transitions to keep your message in focus.

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Download your new video resume

When you’re happy with your edit, export your video resume and share it via email or on social media like LinkedIn!

Step 6. Export your video


Want more video resume tips before you get started?

How to make a video for a job application? Check out how to perfect your elevator pitch and record your video resume to assist marketing yourself in this blog. 

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