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How to write a script for a video resume

Posted December 22, 2021
Written by Clipchamp

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Want to impress your future employers with a video resume, but not sure what to say? Set yourself apart from the competition with a memorable video resume. Instead of only describing yourself on paper, share experiences, skills, and professional history through a well-planned video resume. 

Explore how you can land your dream job by following our helpful video resume script tips. 

  • What is a video resume? 

  • What to include in your video resume script 

  • Professional video resume script tips 

What is a video resume?

A video resume is a pre-recorded short video by the applicant directed to the employer. Just like a regular resume format for a PDF, they usually describe an applicant’s experiences, skills, passions, professional history, how they can be an asset to the employer, and why they would like the position. Video resumes add a personal touch to any application and allow job seekers to share professional goals and personal stories a lot easier. 

Even though video resumes aren’t too common yet, they’re an excellent addition to assist the standard paper resume and CV. Either upload the video resume to the internet, embed directly via email, share a direct link, or view through Clipchamp’s Share Pages and social integrations. 

Whether you’re applying for a trade, office role, or creative role, there are no limits to who can create a video resume

What to include in your video resume script

Writing a well-planned script is essential for your video resume. They will assist the flow of your video resume, make your feel more prepared, and help develop a design and timeline. So, what should you include in your video resume script? 

Take a look at our 6 simple steps on how to write a professional video resume script. 

1. Create an elevator pitch

The first thing you should do before recording your video resume is to create an elevator pitch. Your potential employer doesn’t have hours to watch video resumes, so aim to get your pitch across in under a minute. Keep your elevator pitch short, detailed, and full of personality. 

2. Introduce yourself

Before you start talking about why your potential employer should hire you, introduce yourself. Share your name, the role you’re applying for, and why you’re making a video resume. You can even share your current job position if you’re studying, tor transitioning between jobs.  

3. Discuss past professional experiences 

If you have passed professional experience in a particular field, share some highlight stories, your skills, strengths, and how you’ve overcome workplace difficult experiences. Employers are more than likely going to ask you related questions, so it’s best to share your professional experiences first. Just don’t get too personal as they don’t need to know your life story. 

4. Don’t mention past work relationships

Avoid mentioning any past workplace relationships you may have had. Don’t discuss old co-workers or past bosses. Instead, describe how you’re a team player and get along well with others. 

5. Use professional and appropriate language choices

When writing your video resume script, make sure to keep your language choices professional and workplace friendly. Adapt your script to the position or company you are applying for. If you’re going to be communicating with the public, a more casual approach will work. But if you’re applying for a corporate position that requires precise language, be mindful of not mentioning slang terms and stay professional. 

6. Write your script using bullet points

Sometimes reading a script word for word can cause a lack of engaging eye contact. Instead, use bullet points to highlight keywords and skills you would like to talk about. They’re a great method to keep eye contact and prompt you to show your true personality. 

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Professional video resume tips

If you haven’t created a video resume before, there are a couple of helpful tips you need to know. 

1. Keep your video resume simple

Once you have written your video resume script, it’s time to record it. Keep your video resume short and simple. Keep your main focus on making the employer feel like they’re having a virtual interview with you. How you would conduct yourself in an interview, is how your video resume should look like. Find a quiet, minimalistic background to record in front of. 

2. Select the right aspect ratio

Record your video resume in landscape 16:9 aspect ratio to send via email or Clipchamp’s social media integrations. If you would like to repurpose your video resume for LinkedIn Stories, change the aspect ratio to 9:16 in Clipchamp’s free online video editor.

3. Keep your video resume professional

Just like your PDF resume and CV, your video resume must also be professional. If you’re applying for a role based on experiences, make sure to keep stories short and to the point. Make sure everything that is discussed is relevant to the job description and will benefit your application. It’s best to avoid talking about your personal life unless otherwise asked.  

4. Retake your video as many times as you need

Instantly record video in your browser with Clipchamp’s online camera recorder. It’s lightning-fast, completely private, and you can start sharing, compressing, or editing the webcam recording as soon as you’re finished. Don’t worry if you mess up your video resume script on the first try. Re-take clips as many times as you need. You can also trim videos to the perfect length in a few clicks. 

Be prepared for your video resume

Best of luck, job seekers! It’s now time to create your memorable video resume script. Record, edit, and upload your new video resume for free with Clipchamp. 

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