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5 AI prompts to generate video scripts fast

Posted May 30, 2024

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A user chatting with Copilot to create video scripts

Good storytelling is at the heart of creating a video, and video scripts are the building block of a great video. However, not every video maker is a natural scriptwriter. If you’re a video maker with writer’s block or simply want to speed up your video creation, you can try AI tools like Microsoft CoPilot and ChatGPT to generate video scripts quickly.

It’s easy to bring your video ideas to life when you use the right AI prompts. That’s why we've created these easy AI prompts that you can copy and customize to create awesome scripts in minutes.  

5 AI prompts to script videos faster

1. Suggest a video outline 

Initial brainstorming can take a long time, especially if you’re not an expert in the topic of the video you want to create. You can speed up your topic research by prompting AI to provide a structure to match your video platform, time limit and needs.

Here's the tried-and-tested prompt.

You are a video creation expert. I'm working on a video about [niche topic], and I'd like to ensure that the content is well-researched and organized. The video is intended for [mention your target audience], and the goal is to create and [briefly describe the purpose or message]. Can you help me research the niche topic and create a comprehensive video outline? Please consider [mention subtopics or details about your other noteworthy details]. 

Here’s an example of the prompt in action in Copilot.

Continue chatting with Copilot or ChatGPT till the video script outline reads well to you. You can take the bullet points provided and start writing your video voiceover or continue prompting it to write the full script for you based on the outline. Read on to learn how.

2. Write a full video script

Have a lot of ideas, but not sure how to turn them into an engaging video script? Collect your ideas in the form of a few bullet points and request Copilot to help you turn it into a polished video script.

Here's the easy-to-customize video script generation prompt.

Assume the role of a video scriptwriter. I have an outline for a video script that I'd like to turn into a full script. Can you help me by using my bullet points as a guide? The video is intended for [mention your target audience], and the goal is to create and [briefly describe the purpose or message]. Please use clear and concise language, and make sure the script flows well to suit [video platform name].

Here’s an example of the AI prompt in action inside Copilot.

Example of prompting Copilot to write a script from bullet points

In the response, Copilot structures the script by video segments and even wrote a dedicated YouTube-friendly outro script following the prompt. If the video script reads well to you, you can use it as is or add a personal touch by tweaking any language to match your tone. If the first version isn't your cup of tea, you can prompt the chatbot to provide another version. Either way, you'll speed up your video workflow! Lastly, don’t forget to fact-check what AI says since it doesn’t have lived experiences like you.

3. Improve a video intro and outro script

Posting your videos as a creator on YouTube or Instagram? You may have heard about the importance of writing a good intro hook to grab your viewers’ attention as well as writing a ‘like and subscribe’ outro. Writing these lines can be tedious, and it's easy to fall back on the same sentences over and over again. You can use AI to create alternatives that will make your viewers stick around, improving your watch time and increasing your subscribers.

Here's an example of how you can ask ChatGPT or Copilot to make suggestions for your video intro and call-to-action. 

You are an experienced video scriptwriter. I'm finalizing my video script, and I want to ensure that the intro and call-to-action (CTA) is compelling. The video is about [briefly describe the topic], and I have specific actions I want the audience to take such as [increasing subscribers/increasing website visits/increasing downloads]. Can you help me craft a few different and effective intro and outro sentences for my video?

Note that while having a scripted intro and outro is a good idea, it’s also important to deliver it in a natural and authentic way. When you’re ready, choose an intro and outro video template that suits the tone of your script. Clipchamp intro and outro templates are modern and easy to customize.

4. Add SEO keywords to video scripts

Need some help in creating a video script which is engaging yet includes all your video keywords? It’s not easy to integrate keywords into everyday language without making it sound unnatural—so ask Copilot or ChatGPT for help to refine the language and improve the overall flow. 

Here's the video script generation prompt.

You are a video SEO expert. I've conducted keyword research for my video, and I want to ensure that the voiceover script includes these keywords for better search engine visibility. The video is about [briefly describe the topic], and I have included the paragraph of my script where I would like to integrate the keywords [insert your keywords]. Please provide suggestions for each keyword's placement within the script.

Want to learn more about video SEO? Check out this helpful guide.

5. Add engagement to video scripts

If you want to liven up your video scripts, consider inserting in thoughtful questions for viewers to respond to, or interactive video elements like stickers and GIFs. We recommend asking viewers to leave feedback in the comments, review a product, or simply share what they thought of your video. These little touches can improve your video’s engagement on any platform, and push passive viewers into becoming an active community. 

Try a prompt like this to get some useful engagement suggestions to add to your video script.  

You are an experienced video scriptwriter. I'm in the process of finalizing my video script, and I want to ensure it keeps the audience engaged throughout. The video is about [briefly describe the topic], and I'm looking for creative ways to maintain viewer interest. Can you help me develop an engagement strategy for the script, ranging from questions, ideas for visuals and graphics?

If you like the questions, simply tweak it into your script and start creating your video voiceover by recording your voice or creating a realistic text to speech generator. Learn how to create a video voiceover in Clipchamp.

Hình ảnh người dùng đang thêm văn bản vào bản lồng tiếng.

Now that you know how to generate a video script with AI, you can confidently polish your original video ideas while retaining creative control and making videos faster.

When you need a simple but powerful video editor to bring your ideas to life, try Microsoft Clipchamp. It’s full of high-quality stock media, cool video filters, royalty-free music and stickers you need to create eye-catching videos. You can also enhance your video editing with our AI video editing features.  

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