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How to use Clipchamp’s brand kit

Updated August 4, 2022
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The most successful creators and businesses have one thing in common — recognizable branding. McDonald’s golden arches, Tiffany’s signature shade of blue, and even content creator’s social media and YouTube channel themes, logos, and intro and outro videos. Branding matters for everyone, so that’s why we’ve created Clipchamp’s brand kit.

Read on to explore how you can create consistent video content, empower your team, and get assets organized with the brand kit feature in Clipchamp’s free online video editor.

What’s a brand kit?

A brand kit is a space in Clipchamp where you can store your brand’s go-to fonts, colors, and logos. It’s essential for keeping your videos consistent and on-brand, no matter the size of your company. 

Access your brand kit from the homepage

In Clipchamp’s video editor, your brand kit is accessible on the homepage.

Access your brand kit from the video editor

You can also access the brand kit from inside the video editor on the left sidebar.

How to add branding to the brand kit 

Step 1. Create your brand kit from the homepage

To set your brand kit, upgrade your Clipchamp account from free to the Essentials plan. You will be presented with three brand kit options - logos, fonts, and colors.

Step 2. Add your logos 

Click on Add logos button to upload your brand's logos.

Your computer files will automatically open. Simply upload your logo up to 10MB as a PNG, JPG, or SVG file, and you can easily add it to any future videos. You can add multiple logos at once.

Step 3. Add your fonts

Click on Add a font button. A drop-down box will appear called Font 1.

You can edit the name of your font by clicking the pencil symbol next to Font 1. Delete the font by clicking on the trash can symbol.

Click on the down arrow to open all the font options. Scroll through our font library, then click on your desired font to add to your brand kit. You can also import a font from your computer files.

Step 4. Add your colors

Click the Add palette button. A drop-down box will appear with a + symbol in a box called palette 1.

Click on the + symbol to add a brand kit color. Either copy and paste their hex codes into the search bar or select from our color pallet picker.

Your brand kit should now look something like this:

How to use the brand kit in the video editor

Step 1. Click on the Brand kit tab on the left sidebar.

Step 2. Add your logo to your video

Drag and drop your logo onto the timeline. You can move your logo freely around the video preview to change its position. Use the Transform, Filters, Adjust colors, and Fade tabs to edit your logo’s location, size, and appearance. You can turn your logo into a watermark by adjusting the opacity of your logo.

Step 3. Add personalized text

Click on the Text tab on the left sidebar. Drag and drop a title onto the timeline.

Click on the Text tab above the video preview, then click on the font drop-down box. You will see your brand kit font at the top of the drop-down box. Click on your brand kit font.

Step 4. Change the color of your text or background 

Click on the Colors tab above the video preview to add your brand kit colors. Next, click on your brand kit color to change your text color.

Who can use Clipchamp’s brand kit? 

The brand kit feature is exclusively available to Essentials plan subscribers. The Essentials plan is perfect for everyday editors looking to enhance their videos. The Essentials plan includes watermark-free exports in up to 1080p resolution, access to the premium video, audio, and image stock library, premium filters, effects, the brand kit, and content backup. The brand kit will not be available for free Clipchamp users.

Perfect for creators

Whether you’re a YouTuber, social media influencer, TikToker, or video creator, brand kits can keep your content recognizable and constantly on brand. Viewers and brands can quickly identify your content by viewing your logo or unique font styles and color schemes.

Perfect for businesses

Using the brand kit to create a consistent look and feel can build your customer's trust and deliver clean, consistent, memorable video content. You can also use brand kits to ensure all employees are on the same page. By creating a brand kit, your team can save time by accessing the correct fonts, colors, and logos all in one place.

Frequently asked questions

Can I create more than one brand kit?

Yes. You can create one brand kit per space you work in. That means you can have one kit for your personal space and one brand kit for each of the teams you create.

Is there a limit on how many fonts, colors, and logos I can upload to my brand kit?

No, there is no limit. You can upload unlimited assets to your brand kit, but we suggest less is best.

Does the brand kit apply to my videos automatically?

Currently, you'll need to select fonts, colors manually, and logos from your brand kit to apply them to your videos. We hope to make these even easier to apply in the future.

Always be on-brand with Clipchamp’s brand kit

Ready to optimize your branding? Start creating consistent content with the help of our convenient brand kit feature. For more information on our brand kit feature, head over to our help article. Get started by signing up for Clipchamp’s video editor.

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