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New — introducing brand kit

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The most successful companies in the world have one thing in common — good branding. McDonald’s golden arches are more recognisable than some religious symbols, while Tiffany trademarks its signature shade of blue. And when it’s not used in your docs, Times New Roman has been the font of choice for newspaper The Times for almost a century. Our point? Branding matters. It’s why we’re introducing brand kit to Clipchamp.

What’s a brand kit? 🤔

A brand kit is a space in Clipchamp where you can store your brand’s go-to fonts, colors, and logos. It’s the key to keeping your videos consistent and on-brand, no matter the size of your company.

In Clipchamp, your brand kit is accessible on the homepage:

The brand kit space on the Clipchamp video editor home page. Logo, font, and color options are visible.

and in the editor’s sidebar: 

The brand kit tab open in the Clipchamp video editor.

Once you’ve found it, you can start choosing the fonts, colors and logos that make your brand unique. After this, every time you make a video, your brand kit choices will be just a click away.

Brand fonts

A creative graphic shows process of a user adding brand fonts to their brand kit.

Text is a big part of video — just look at how fast video captioning is growing — so you’ll want to put thought into your fonts. In your brand kit, you can select as many brand fonts as you need. Simply scroll through our font library, or upload your own custom fonts.

The font selector in the brand kit tab is open in the Clipchamp video editor.

Brand colors

A computer mouse hovers over a color palette selector in the Clipchamp video editor.

In your brand kit, you can create color palettes to keep your videos looking their best (and improve brand recognition by 80%). It’s easy to select colors using our color picker, or if you’ve already chosen your fave shades, just copy and paste their hex codes (how do I find that?)  into your kit.

The color selector in the brand kit tab is open in the Clipchamp video editor.

Brand logos

A computer mouse hovers over an empty logo space over an add icon.

Logos can say a lot with a little — it’s why they’re used so much in successful branding. We’ve made it easy for you to add your logo or logos to your brand kit. Simply upload your logo as a PNG, JPG or SVG file and you can easily add it to any future videos. 

The logo selector in the brand kit tab is open in the Clipchamp video editor.

Who can use brand kits? 

Brand kits are a pro Clipchamp feature, available to Clipchamp Business and Clipchamp Business Platinum subscribers. Teams on Business and Business Platinum plans can also access brand kits.  

Always be on-brand

Now it’s time to explore brand kits for yourself! Head over to our online video editor to get started. If you’re seeking a little more info on how this all works, have a read of our brand kit help article.

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