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How to make a YouTube intro video

Updated May 18, 2023

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Want to keep your YouTube videos consistent and recognizable while staying on-brand? Create a great first impression while expressing your channel’s name and personality with an exciting YouTube intro video.

From lifestyle and beauty to sport and comedy, YouTube intro videos can be a valuable tool for any creator and genre. Read on to learn how to make the perfect YouTube intro video with Clipchamp, and explore intro video inspiration, tips, and best practices. 

Elements of a great YouTube intro video 

We recommend including the following elements in your new YouTube intro video.   

  • Use original video content. 

  • Create movement using animated text and logos.  

  • Add royalty free background music. 

  • Add social icons such as like, comment and subscribe graphics.   

  • Use stickers like emojis, arrows, GIFs, and more. 

Note: Remember to edit your intro video in the same style, color grade and aesthetic as you usually create videos, so it fits in seamlessly at the start of all your content.

Avoid these mistakes in your YouTube intro video

Now that you know what to include in your YouTube intro video, let’s look at what to avoid.  

  • Don’t use copyrighted music. YouTube can mute, remove, demonetize, and even terminate your YouTube channel if videos have copyrighted music.  

  • Don’t add copyrighted video footage to your intro for similar reasons. 

  • Don’t make your YouTube intro video too long. Viewers are likely to click away from your video if the intro takes up too much of their time without delivering value.  

  • Don’t overcrowd your video with too many elements as it can be hard to follow in a short time span. 

When to play your intro video

We recommend placing the YouTube intro video within the first 30 seconds of the video. If you’re a creator and create content with your face in it, consider placing it after the video hook that introduces the topic to keep your viewer’s attention. Corporate YouTube channels often place their intro video at the start of their content for branding purposes. This is usually a short logo animation video.

The best intro video length and size

There are no official rules when it comes to YouTube intro video length, but we recommend keeping your intro short, between 3 seconds to 10 seconds. Create your intro video in widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio and 1080p video resolution to match your YouTube content.

How to make your intro stand out

Here’s four easy ways you can level up your YouTube video intros to set your videos apart from other creators. 

  • Create a unique catchphrase that suits your content, your channel’s values, humor, genre, or niche.  

  • Make sure to mention the niche you create videos for, i.e., gaming, lifestyle, daily vlogs, etc.  

  • Edit your intro snippet onto your YouTube video with an exciting transition to move from the hook to the intro.  

  • Add informative text to remind viewers what days you plan to post videos or your schedule. For example, “New videos every Monday and Thursday!”.  

Improve your YouTube brand with intro videos

When creating your YouTube intro video, consider adding the same video to all your content in the editing process. Make sure your intro video matches your YouTube channel aesthetic as well as your videos color grading and style. Using similar assets in your intro video and outro video will show a consistent look and feel to your channel as well. If you’re unsure whether you should create a new and improved intro video or not, ask your audience through a helpful YouTube poll.

Different types of YouTube intro videos with examples

From simple logo animations and theme song jingles to montage videos and animated text, the options are endless when creating the perfect YouTube intro video to suit your channel’s style. Explore the four most popular YouTube video intros below.

1. Fast montage intro video

When we think about the original YouTube videos, they all included an intro consisting of a montage of clips followed by a logo. This classic style of intro video is still popular to date, with creators making montage video intros from old video clips, new unseen footage, abstract videos, and logo effects.  

2. Animated logo with music

If you don’t want to use real video footage in your intro video, create an animated logo video with background music instead. Most YouTube creators have made a personal logo and it’s easy to turn a plain logo into an animation, add royalty-free music, and link to social media handles that you want to spotlight for viewers. 

3. Motion titles and music

Animated motion title intro videos are the quickest and easiest to make. If you’re pressed for time, just add a background color to the timeline, add a title, royalty-free music, then export in 1080p using Clipchamp’s intro maker.

4. YouTube channel theme song video

Feeling creative? Support an artist or small business by ordering a hand-illustrated drawing of yourself and turning it into a unique animation intro video. Place a catchy theme song to your animation background, include your YouTube channel name with motion text, and even add sound effects.  

How to make a YouTube intro video with Clipchamp

Find the perfect fit for your channel with Clipchamp’s free video intro templates.  Once you find a template you like, customize the intro video template to suit your YouTube channel aesthetic.

Step 1. Select a YouTube intro video template

Inside the editor, click on the templates tab on the toolbar, then click on the YouTube category. 

Scroll through the templates and select your favorite. Click on the + button to use the template. The YouTube intro video template will be added to your timeline.

Step 2. Customize text

To edit the text, click on the text box on the timeline. Inside the text tab on the property panel, edit the text and font. Type in your channel name and follow the template text inspo. Edit the font by clicking on the font options below the text.

Step 3. Add background video effects and filters

If you would like to add effects or filters to the stock background video, click on the media in the timeline. Next, click on the effects tab on the property panel.

Scroll through the effects options and click on your preferred effect to apply it to your video.

To change the color of the background stock video, simply select a filter in the filters tab on the property panel. Some filters will be able to edit the color of the background video.

Either add your logo via the brand kit, or upload your logo PNG file with transparent background to your media tab. Drag and drop your logo onto the timeline. 

Edit the look, position and size of your logo using the floating toolbar or drag the corners in and out to make the logo bigger and smaller. Freely move the logo around the video preview.

Step 5. Save your YouTube intro video

To save your YouTube intro video, click on the export button and select a video resolution. We recommend exporting in 1080p video quality for the best resolution. Once your video is saved to your computer, you can add the intro to any future YouTube video.  

Frequently asked questions

Does YouTube have an intro maker?

No. YouTube Studio doesn’t have a YouTube intro maker. Create eye-catching YouTube intro videos with Clipchamp’s online intro maker

Is it okay if my YouTube intro video is 30 seconds long?

We recommend keeping your YouTube intro video between 5 and 10 seconds. Viewers and subscribers might lose focus or click exit if your YouTube intro video is longer than 10 seconds.

How often should I change my YouTube intro?

Edit YouTube intro videos as many times as you would like. If you’ve updated your YouTube branding, or created a new theme, feel free to create a new YouTube intro video as well. Family channels often update YouTube intros, especially as their children are growing or their family is extending.

Create engaging and unique YouTube intro videos in minutes with Clipchamp. Now that you have YouTube intro videos under control, learn more about YouTube outro videos and end cards. When you’re ready to create, start with editable YouTube video templates.

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