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How to make a YouTube outro video and end card

Updated May 17, 2023
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Want viewers to keep watching more of your content? It’s natural for viewers to click away once a video is over, but a timely eye-catching outro video and end card can help them discover more of your content.

Creating a trendy and informative YouTube outro video makes your YouTube channel look branded and entices new viewers to keep watching. Before you get started, explore the difference between YouTube outro videos and end cards, best practices, and how to make your own YouTube outro video and end card easily with Clipchamp.  

What is a YouTube outro video?

A YouTube outro video is a short clip added to the end of every YouTube video usually showcasing the channel logo and name, related social media handles, and a call to action (CTA) such as “like and subscribe”.  Whether you have a gaming YouTube channel or create lifestyle vlogs, an outro video is highly recommended.

What is a YouTube end card?

A YouTube end card is a YouTube exclusive feature that lets creators add video suggestion links to any outro videos. The purpose of an end card is to increase a channel’s video views, engagement, and add value to videos by serving suggested content without users having to search for it. End cards can be added as a video overlay to a regular YouTube video or outro video.  

(Image credit: GamingwithKev YouTube channel)

Elements of a great YouTube outro video 

Edit your YouTube outro video in the aesthetic, unique style, and color grade that you create your videos in, so it fits seamlessly into your content. We recommend including the following elements to your YouTube outro video.

  • Use animated graphic backgrounds if you can. Select from a range of free animated backgrounds with Clipchamp’s stock footage

  • Share conversational style CTA text like stay connected, join the crew, or thanks for watching.  

  • Add YouTube-related stickers like subscribe, share and like buttons with SFX sound effects. 

  • Share other social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Patreon, and more.  

  • Add music to YouTube outros with royalty-free background tracks.  

  • Create a voiceover with webcam recorder using a YouTube outro script. Just record your video, detach the audio and video, then remove the video.  

The best outro video length and size

YouTube outro videos should be created in widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio and exported in 1080p video resolution so it matches your YouTube content. We recommend keeping outro videos short, between 3 seconds and 10 seconds.  

When to play your outro video

Outro videos should be placed at the very end of your video content. End cards can be placed over video content at least 5 seconds before the video finishes to keep your viewers engaged for longer. 

What to avoid when creating outro videos

Let’s look at what mistakes to avoid making when creating YouTube outro videos.   

  • Don’t use any copyrighted video footage. YouTube can delete or mute your video or demonetize your channel if it has copyrighted video. 

  • Don’t use copyrighted background music for similar reasons as copyrighted video footage.  

  • Don’t include too many moving elements or text in your video as the clip is only 3 – 10 seconds long.  

How to make your outro video stand out

Want to elevate your outro video with no editing experience required? Here’s three simple ways to give your outro video a lasting impression.   

  • Create an outro video that matches your intro video to keep a consistent theme and aesthetic across your content and channel.  

  • Add text and motion titles explaining your video posting schedule so new viewers will know when to come tune in.  

  • Shout out to your community members, subscribers, or people who you want to give special thanks to for donations.  

YouTube outro ideas and end card inspiration

Never created an outro video before? Check out these three easy outro video ideas that will suit any YouTube channel genre.  

1. YouTube channel logo animation with music 

Create an animated logo video with overlay stickers and background music if you’re wanting to keep your intro and outro simple and consistent. YouTubers can create a logo to stand for their online presence that can be transformed into an outro video graphic.  

2. Facecam recording with logo and music 

If you want to give your outro video a personal touch, record a webcam video with the free online webcam recorder. Crop your recording to suit YouTube’s outro requirements, add on theme visuals, text, and even background music. Tell your subscribers how much you value their support, and any promotional information like merchandise or giveaways.  

(Image credit: Modern Millie YouTube channel)

3. End card placeholder video with music

An aesthetically pleasing end card can also make the perfect outro video. All you have to do is create a background for your end cards to overlay onto. With Clipchamp’s ready-to-use end card templates, all the work has been done for you. Personalize the outro with customized text, brand colors, and your signature theme. 

How to make a YouTube outro video with Clipchamp

Start your YouTube end card with one of Clipchamp’s professionally made video templates. Find the right style for your channel aesthetic, then customize it to suit your requirements.  

Step 1. Select a YouTube outro video template

Inside the video editor, click on the templates tab on the toolbar, then click on the YouTube category to find outro templates.

Search through the library, then click on the + button on your favorite template to add it to the timeline. 

Step 2. Customize the outro text

Click on the text box on the timeline to select the title you would like to edit. On the text tab in the property panel, edit the text, font, and colors. Make sure to add any CTA’s and channel name.

Step 3. Add stickers and overlays

To add social media stickers, click on the graphics tab on the toolbar, then click on the subscribe stickers category.

Click on the + button to add a sticker to the timeline or drag and drop the asset onto the timeline. Freely move the asset around the video preview to edit its position, as well as dragging the corners in and out to edit the size. 

If you have a YouTube logo, add your logo to your video via the brand kit, or upload your logo PNG file with transparent background to your media tab. Drag and drop your logo onto the timeline.  

Note: Make sure to leave a space on your YouTube outro video for an end card if you desire.  We have left the right corner for end card placement.  

Step 5. Save your YouTube outro video  

Click on the export button and select a video resolution to save your outro video. We recommend exporting in 1080p video quality for the best resolution. Once your video is saved to your computer, you can add the intro to any future YouTube video.   

Frequently asked questions

Does YouTube have an outro video maker?

No. YouTube does not have an outro maker inside the platform, but you can add end cards to your videos in YouTube Studio.

Does my YouTube video have to include an outro video?

No. An outro video is not needed for all YouTube video uploads. You don’t need to add an outro video if you don’t want to, but they make your YouTube content more professional and easier to navigate to more videos. 

Can I upload my YouTube video directly from Clipchamp?

Yes. Export videos straight to YouTube from Clipchamp’s exporting page. Explore this help article for a full tutorial.

Create informative and authentic YouTube outro videos with Clipchamp. Looking for more ways to make the most out of YouTube? Learn how to get sponsored on YouTube.  

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