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15 YouTube channel ideas to inspire you

Updated June 16, 2022
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Starting a new YouTube channel, but not sure what niche your channel fits into? Finding your YouTube niche might just be the key to your YouTube success. 

Whether you’re considering launching a new second channel or lacking video views on an existing one, targeting the right audience can boost engagement and help you become part of YouTubes creator community. 

Read on to explore an inspiring list of YouTube channel ideas for creators. 

Let’s take a look at 15 of the most popular YouTube genres that are steering the future of YouTube. Each genre has its own YouTube niche audience and may not appeal to everyone.

1. Comedy YouTube channels

Comedy YouTube channels strive to make their audience laugh and entertain them. If you want to create lighthearted and funny YouTube videos, a comedy channel might be your genre. This video style can include everyday people, skits, or compiling existing videos from the internet. 

Comedy YouTube channel niches usually have a unique video editing style like replacing backgrounds, jump cuts, slow mos, or inserting cheeky music to make them stand out on YouTube. 

2. Animation YouTube channels

Animation YouTube creators post self-made digital images and dialogue videos. They’re short-form YouTube videos that tell an engaging story through visuals, animated text, and voiceovers. Sometimes these YouTube video ideas can be digital drawings, sketches, or cartoons. 

3. Beauty YouTube channels 

Beauty channels are pretty popular on YouTube. They share YouTube video ideas like makeup, skincare, beauty products, cosmetics, and much more. If viewers want to learn more about the latest product or cosmetics, they probably rely on a beauty influencer to tell them the facts. Beauty YouTube channels usually work closely with brands and sponsorships.

4. ASMR YouTube channels

ASMR YouTube channels, which stand for an autonomous sensory meridian response, have recently grown in popularity. ASMR videos give an illusion of viewers having a physical sensation to help relax and soothe them, but they’re only watching a clip. Creators usually record ASMR videos on an external microphone to capture the best audio. 

5. Conspiracy YouTube channels

Conspiracy theory YouTube channels might be controversial at times, but the videos are highly engaging in some niches. Conspiracy YouTubers can explain events or famous people that aren’t widely believable. Some conspiracy YouTube video ideas include historical events, situations, physical destinations, movies, and celebrities. 

6. Fashion YouTube channels

Viewers and subscribers can keep updated with the latest fashion trends through YouTube fashion channels. These fashionista content creators share their fashion tips and tricks, dupes, must-haves, and do’s and don’ts. Styling videos, PR unboxings, and voiceover videos are usually popular in this YouTube niche. 

7. Cooking YouTube channels

Do you like the sound of how-to cook, recipes, and top-secret cooking tips YouTube video ideas? Then creating a cooking YouTube channel is the niche you’re looking for. If you don’t want to show your face, you can always show a birdseye view of the ingredients, utensils, gas, and oven. Restaurants and cafes can also use cooking YouTube channels to promote their businesses. 

8. Daily vlog YouTube channels

Sharing day-to-day life with viewers worldwide has been made possible with daily vlog YouTube channels. Subscribers want to watch the vlog regardless of the activity, standard, or fun. 

Daily vlog channels can share YouTube video ideas like advice, daily routines, and an insight into personal life activities. These videos are one of the most accessible niches to edit as they only require simple editing techniques like trim and animated text. 

9. Gaming YouTube channels

With over 40 million active gaming channels on YouTube, this YouTube genre is not slowing down anytime soon. Gaming videos are screen recorded or recorded live stream videos of a person playing an online video game. 

10. Business YouTube channels

YouTube isn’t just for content creators. Businesses can post videos on YouTube to entertain subscribers, share stories, teach viewers about new products, and share promotional videos or behind-the-scenes footage. Creating a YouTube channel for your business can connect with customers and build trusting relationships with potential prospects. 

11. Technology YouTube channels

Tech YouTubers build a following based on one particular topic—a tech product. These creators or businesses can post YouTube video ideas like review videos, how-to tutorials, comparisons, unboxing videos, and product reviews. 

12. Family YouTube channels

Family YouTube channels are known for their transparency, honesty, and the joys of raising a  family. The parents of the family usually run the YouTube channel and post vlogs about their everyday life. This YouTube channel style usually doesn’t edit videos too heavily, but using filters can make their aesthetic more watchable. 

13. Lifestyle YouTube channels

Lifestyle YouTube channels don’t fall into one particular niche. Lifestyle YouTube channels have a range of content, from night-time routines to shopping hauls. These content creators share their interests and shopping finds with their subscribers.

14. Travel YouTube channels

Travel vlogs are among the most viral YouTube video ideas, whether subscribers seek travel inspiration, information, or simply watching for pure entertainment. Travel YouTube channels can let viewers explore a new country straight from the couch.

15. Learning YouTube channels

Sometimes learning a new skill can’t always fit into our daily schedule. So why not learn a new skill through video instead? Whether it’s night or day, or you’re young or old, subscribers can watch learning videos to broaden their skills. Learning YouTube channels don’t have to have fancy editing either. All you have to do is use our online webcam or screen recorder.

16. Toy review YouTube channels - bonus idea

Unleash your inner child by creating a toy review YouTube channel. Toy review channels can give parents, and kids, a beneficial insight into a toy before buying or using it. They’re also family-friendly, so parents and children can watch the channel reviews and toy unboxing videos together.

Short on time? Create a YouTube Shorts channel

Don’t have a lot of time to edit main YouTube channel videos? Create a YouTube Shorts channel instead. A YouTube Shorts channel lets you create short-form videos in seconds. YouTube Short channels are an excellent opportunity for creators and businesses, as there’s less saturation when making YouTube Shorts than regular YouTube videos. 

YouTube channel ideas without showing your face

Are you camera shy? Don’t worry if you aren’t too keen on showing your face on YouTube. There are many ways to create successful videos and YouTube channels without showcasing who you are. And the good news is that these videos usually require less equipment, and you can still earn money from your content. 

YouTube channel genres like cooking, gaming, creative animation, unboxing, meditation, fitness, and travel videos, just to name a few, are perfect for keeping your identity a secret.

Image of cooking eggs on a pan in a kitchen to feature in a video

Frequently asked questions

What are the most popular YouTube topics?

There are many trending YouTube channel genres, with the top 3 more popular YouTube topics being product review videos, how-to videos, and vlogs. 

What kind of YouTube channel should I start?

Base the type of YouTube channel you choose to start on your interests and what YouTube genre you enjoy creating. If you’re passionate about a specific YouTube niche or YouTube video idea, that will be the YouTube channel idea you should make. A handy YouTube channel name generator like BNG can also help you get inspired. 

Some YouTube channel genres are easier to start creating content for than others, especially if you’re a beginner. Suppose you’re not sure which YouTube niche to choose, start with a YouTube vlogging channel. This video content might be easier for beginners than comedy skits or gaming videos. You can also attract a wider audience and gain more engagement than a smaller YouTube niche like animation channels.

How do I plan YouTube channel video content?

Never created a YouTube video before? Planning your YouTube video ideas is the perfect way to keep content consistent and your viewers entertained. Plenty of programs like Notion can help you effortlessly plan video ideas and content. You can even use a storyboard method to create professional videos and batch create them to save time.

Ready to make videos for any YouTube genre?

With these YouTube video ideas in mind, are you prepared to create a YouTube channel or video with these YouTube genres in mind? 

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Head over to Clipchamp YouTube video editor to start creating. 

Ready to make videos for any YouTube genre

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