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How to see YouTube analytics for other channels

Updated July 25, 2023

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An image of YouTube analytics.

Looking to get more views, create better videos and grow your YouTube channel? From gaming videos and tutorial videos to lifestyle vlogs and reaction videos, YouTube analytics and insights can help you understand how to improve your YouTube videos in no time. 

There are over 51 million channels on YouTube so it’s important to share content that your viewers really want to watch and engage with. With competitor YouTube analytics, you can track valuable stats from the creators who inspire you or make similar videos to you, like average view time, the best time to post, and more. Comparing your competitor YouTube stats with your own can enhance your video planning.  

Read on to explore how to view competitor YouTube video stats and overviews from your own channel without anything to download. You can even use these stats to create showstopping YouTube videos and Shorts with Clipchamp

How to use YouTube analytics to level up your videos

Let’s explore how to utilize YouTube insights to make better videos. Just be sure to only use these statistics for inspiration and always credit the original creator when it’s due.  

  • Explore popular competitor videos within your niche. Create content that gets views by noticing what videos are currently trending and have high engagement on your competitor’s channels. 

  • Take note of popular video styles and genres. If your competitors have similar target audiences and demographics, explore what style of video content is the most popular on their YouTube channel like vlogs, tutorials, unboxings, reviews, etc.  

  • Subscriber and viewer requests. Scroll through the comments section on popular videos to find out what videos and topics viewers are asking for. You can use this valuable information to create your next video.  

  • Research uploading times. Take note of the times your competitors are posting, and which timeframes gain better performance straight away.  

  • Video titles with keywords. YouTube video titles and descriptions should always include popular keywords associated to your niche, genre, and competitors to help rank your videos higher. 

  • Eye-catching video thumbnails. Find out which YouTube thumbnails are gaining the most attraction and clicks to get inspiration for your own thumbnails. Make sure your thumbnails are eye-catching, so your videos stand out and increase your click through rate

  • View intro and outro videos. Discover if your competitors include YouTube intros and outros in their video content and you can follow their example.

How to see YouTube channel analytics for other creators

Let’s look at the different types of YouTube channel stats you can view. These learnings can help you understand how many videos to create, how to describe your videos, ideal publishing times, and more.  

  • Click-through rates (If your video thumbnail and video title draw in viewers) 

  • Average video watch time 

  • Video view duration  

  • Audience retention rates per video 

  • YouTube descriptions  

  • YouTube thumbnails 

  • YouTube subscriber charts 

  • Video publishing times 

  • Target audience for YouTube channel and videos 

  • Sponsored video statistics  

Here are some YouTube analytics tools that can help you easily track YouTube stats of your competitors online. 

1. YouTube analytics tool: Tubular Intelligence

Easily analyze YouTube channel insights with Tubular Intelligence. Their smart technology lets you see what’s trending on YouTube, highest-watched videos from target audiences, and what video content subscribers are enjoying the most. Tubular offers paid and free payment plan options.  

An image of Tubular Intelligence.

2. YouTube analytics tool: BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo analyzes YouTube channels from your competitors to find video ideas based on what’s trending through keyword research. The platform is available for creators and competitors to view and offers paid and free payment options. 

An image of BuzzSumo.

3. YouTube analytics tool: Social Blade

Social Blade is the perfect tool to give you YouTube insights about specific subscriber behaviors and views of your competitors. You can also find out how your competitors are performing and what content they’re posting just by using the search bar. The platform offers paid and free payment options. 

An image of Social Blade.

4. YouTube analytics tool: Popsters

Popsters is a third-party tool that gives you valuable insights into other YouTube creators accounts. Just log in to your account, paste the URL to the YouTube channel, and browse the search results. 

An image of popsters.

Source: Popsters 

5. YouTube analytics tool: TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is a browser extension that helps you manage, create, and grow your YouTube channel. If you type in a video genre you want to create in the YouTube search bar, TubeBuddy will tell you how likely you are to rank in the specific search. There are both free and paid options. 

An image of TubeBuddy.

Source: Modern Millie

How to view your own analytics in YouTube Studio 

To track YouTube stats to your own channel, head over to YouTube Studio and click on the analytics tab on the left toolbar.  

An image of Clipchamo YouTube studio.

Next, click on either the overview, content, audience, revenue, or research tabs to view your YouTube channel statistics in more detail.  

An image of Clipchamp YouTube analytics.

Frequently asked questions

Are creators notified if I check out their YouTube Analytics?

No. If you use any of the third-party YouTube analytics tools suggested above, the competitor will not be notified that you have viewed their dashboard.

Will I get more subscribers by viewing competitor YouTube channel analytics?

Potentially, yes. 1 billion hours of YouTube is watched daily worldwide, so creating highly watchable content is key. YouTube Analytics can give you valuable information like which videos are popular with your competitors. Analytics can help you create an even better video in your own style. YouTube advertising may also be an avenue to go down to gain more subscribers.

Plan during pre-production, do your research by watching competitors’ videos, and take notes. Don’t copy exactly what they do, just find a more creative way to do so. Look at our ultimate guide to vlog editing and focus on consistency to grow your brand.

What do my social media engagement metrics mean?

A really important thing to check is if your competitor's audience is as engaged as you think they are. Social media engagement measures the success of your engaged audience, not just how many followers you have. There’s no point in having an extremely large number next to your YouTube channel if your subscribers aren’t even watching your content. Video views and subscribers are just as important as each other. 

Watch time, click-throughs, comments, likes, and shares are all extremely important metrics to understand. To learn about YouTube metrics, head over to read what do social media engagement metrics mean.

Whether you’re creating gaming content or tutorial videos, use these tips and make engaging content. If you’re looking for an easy pro video editor, check out Clipchamp and our library of designer YouTube into and end screen templates, like and subscribe animations and royalty free music help you create eye catching content. Try for free

If you want to learn more about creating YouTube videos that get views, check out the ultimate guide to YouTube videos

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