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How to see YouTube analytics for other channels

Updated July 28, 2022
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Being original is important for any YouTuber and creator, but when you’re trying to grow your channel in a crowded niche or video category, a little bit of competitor research can help accelerate your channel’s growth. This blog will help creators how to see YouTube analytics for other channels using free-to-use or subscription-based apps, as well as how to use this information to their advantage. 

How to see YouTube analytics for other channels

Having access to competitor YouTube analytics can help grow your own YouTube channel and personal brand. YouTube analytics collects data from competitor accounts, specific videos, and subscribers. 

As a creator, you’ll be able to find out the best time to publish a video, how to increase the engagement of your subscribers, and the interests of the audience by viewing other channel analytics.

To see other YouTube channel statistics such as average view duration, watch time, click-through rate, audience retention, and target audience, you'll need to use a third-party YouTube Analytics tool. Creators can’t technically view YouTube Analytics for other channels within YouTube Studio. Here are some tools that can help you.

1. YouTube analytics tool - Tubular Intelligence

Tubular can tell you what the world is watching, right at your fingertips. From seeing what’s trending on YouTube to the highest-watched videos, creators can analyze their own channel as well as their competitors. 

Tubular can even tell you what videos and creators your subscribers are currently watching, grouping them into genres. This comprehensive video intelligence platform is a great online resource that creators need to take advantage of. There are paid and free payment plan options. 

2. YouTube analytics tool - BuzzSumo

One of the newest additions to the YouTube analytics game, BuzzSumo, has become a popular choice among the sea of YouTube creators. Buzzsumo finds video ideas for you based on what’s trending with keyword research. This function is available for your channel, as well as specific YouTube channels, to see what their most popular and least popular videos are. There are paid and free payment plan options.  

3. YouTube analytics tool - Social Blade

If you’re looking specifically for insights into subscriber behavior and views, Social Blade is a good tool. All you have to do is type in your channel name or your competitors and get stats on subscribers, views, and the channel's overall ranking in a category. Find out how your competitors are performing and what they’re posting. There are paid and free payment plan options. 

How to view your own YouTube analytics in YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio has everything you need to know about your YouTube channel insights. From viewing how well a video performs to subscribers' gender and location, YouTube Studio is the one-stop-shop for YouTube analytics.

Step 1. Log in to YouTube Studio

Sign in to YouTube Studio, then click on the Analytics tab on the left sidebar.

Step 2. View your YouTube analytics

In the Analytics tab, you will be able to view your YouTube channel’s overview, content, audience, revenue, and research analytics. You can also view your channel’s views, watch time, subscribers, and total revenue. Just click on all the different tabs for more information.

Level up your video content with YouTube analytics

Now we know how to find competitors' YouTube analytics, so the next step is to put this information into practice. 

YouTube analytics lets creators see what video content works and which genres are epic fails. If your competitors are reaching thousands of viewers and are forever gaining subscribers, they must be doing something right. 

Take notes on which videos are popular among their specific demographic, and develop your own content based on what works for them. The statistics you see should be purely for inspiration only, making sure to give credit when credit is earned. Don’t plagiarize popular creators to grow your audience. 

To give you an idea, let’s imagine you’re a beauty guru and have your own YouTube channel. A new eyeshadow pallet is trending all over YouTube, with fellow creators receiving huge numbers of subscriber interactions on their latest review and reaction videos. Head over to your YouTube analytics tool and see what time they posted, who’s watching, how long the watch time is, and check the click-through rate. This specific video information can give you the inside scoop you needed to create videos inspired by the original creator. 

For further information on the benefits of YouTube metrics, head over to read how to use YouTube Analytics to publish better videos

Frequently asked questions

Are creators notified if I check out their YouTube Analytics?

No. If you use any of the third-party YouTube analytics tools suggested above, the competitor will not be notified that you have viewed their dashboard.

Will I get more subscribers by viewing competitor YouTube channel analytics?

Potentially, yes. 1 billion hours of YouTube is watched daily worldwide, so creating highly watchable content is key. YouTube Analytics can give you valuable information like which videos are popular with your competitors. Analytics can help you create an even better video in your own style. YouTube advertising may also be an avenue to go down to gain more subscribers.

Plan during pre-production, do your research by watching competitors’ videos, and take notes. Don’t copy exactly what they do, just find a more creative way to do so. Look at our ultimate guide to vlog editing and focus on consistency to grow your brand.

What do my social media engagement metrics mean?

A really important thing to check is if your competitor's audience is as engaged as you think they are. Social media engagement measures the success of your engaged audience, not just how many followers you have. There’s no point in having an extremely large number next to your YouTube channel if your subscribers aren’t even watching your content. Video views and subscribers are just as important as each other. 

Watch time, click-throughs, comments, likes, and shares are all extremely important metrics to understand. To learn about YouTube metrics, head over to read what do social media engagement metrics mean.

Ready to level up your YouTube content?

Help grow your YouTube channel with the help of competitor analytics. If you want more help on increasing watch time and subscribers, check out our ultimate guide to YouTube tags.

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