How to use YouTube polls to create more engagement on your channel

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Looking to boost your YouTube channel views, exposure, and increase your audience’s engagement? YouTube polls can turn your regular YouTube videos into helpful subscriber feedback tools. 

From comments, shares, likes, and dislikes, there are many ways for creators to interact with subscribers. But a new underrated YouTube hack, YouTube polls, can level up your YouTube channel engagement in no time at all. 

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Read on to explore everything content creators and business owners need to know about YouTube polls, why they’re so important and how to create insight-driven videos with Clipchamp’s free online video editor.

What are YouTube polls?

YouTube polls are an online poll created by the YouTuber to share viewers’ opinions and responses. Results can be shown in real-time to the creator and the audience. Created through the YouTube Community, polls are an easy way to gain knowledge and use it to your advantage. A YouTube poll can help creators bridge the gap between brands and customers without using an external page or survey.  

Let’s say you have an at-home cooking YouTube channel. Your target audience will be fellow home chefs looking for easy recipes. You can make a poll to understand what ingredients your viewers have in their pantry right now, then create a YouTube video about those key ingredients. 

If you’re running an educational YouTube channel, your target audience is most likely students who are seeking additional information and help. Create a YouTube poll to gauge what areas your viewers need the most help with and convert the highest upvoted answer into your next tutorial YouTube video. 

What are YouTube polls?

YouTube poll requirements and eligibility

There are a few requirements both creators and subscribers must fulfil before using YouTube polls. 

YouTube poll requirements for content creators

Unlike YouTube intros, creators must fit into specific criteria to be able to use the free YouTube polls feature. YouTube channels must have over 1000 subscribers to access Community posts. If you have recently reached 100 subscribers, it can take up to 1 week to see the Community tab appear. Your YouTube channel shouldn’t be set for kids.

YouTube poll requirements for subscribers

For viewers, they must be logged into their YouTube account to be able to vote. Mobile users must be using the YouTube app for iOS and Android. 

How to create a YouTube poll

Follow the step-by-step tutorial on how to create a free YouTube poll using the community tab. 

Step 1. Log in to YouTube Studio

Head over to YouTube Studio and log in to your YouTube account. Once you have logged in, click on Video Manager, then the Community tab. 

Step 1. Log in to YouTube Studio A
Step 1. Log in to YouTube Studio B

Step 2. Select the type of update you would like to make

Click on the Poll options under the “what’s on your mind” box. 

Step 2. Select the type of update you would like to make

Step 3. Create your YouTube poll

Type the question you would like to ask your YouTube community in the textbox. Once you have asked your question, add voting options. 

Step 3. Create your YouTube poll

Step 4. Post your YouTube poll 

Once you have finished creating your YouYube poll, click on the blue Post button, or click on the arrow to schedule a post. Your published polls will appear under the Published tab, and schedule posts will appear under the Schedule tab. 

Step 4. Post your YouTube poll 

Why you should be using YouTube polls

Increasing your YouTube channel engagement with YouTube polls is one of the easiest and most effective strategies creators and small businesses can adopt. And it’s completely free. Take a look at the top reasons why creators should be using poll cards to engage with their subscribers. 

1. Let audience can guide your video content

If you’re stuck for new video content ideas, or not sure what you’re subscribers are enjoying, polls can give you the inspiration you’re looking for. Involve your viewers and give them video choices through polls, making them feel needed and valued. Instead of scrolling through the comments section on each video to see what your subscribers thought about your content, get instant feedback in seconds with YouTube polls. Receiving feedback from your viewers will give you an insight into what content is working, and what content you should avoid creating. 

2. Generate community and conversation

YouTube polls are great for feedback, but they’re not just for getting instant answers. Creators can ask specific questions to their viewers via the poll in hopes to spark conversation and discussion in the comments section. The more comments your videos get, the higher chance they are to feature on the YouTube recommended page (amongst other factors). 

3. Insight into upload schedule

Creators can ask their viewers and YouTube community direct questions in real-time. See what time or days they prefer to watch videos. Choosing upload days that work best for viewers can boost engagement. Simple, but effective. 

4. Educational purposes

Educational channels like external virtual learning can use polls to see what content viewers are struggling with and where they need extra help understanding. A poll is completely anonymous so viewers will not feel like they can’t participate to spare embarrassment. 

5. Have fun with your subscribers and viewers

Polls don’t always have to be serious questions. Creators can have fun interactions with their audience through interesting, different questions to gain attention. Try and get viewers to show emotion and engage in the conversation. 

The more interaction you have with viewers, the more subscribers you will gain. This is a great way for viewers to feel as though they are friends with the creator and connect on a personal level. 

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6. Re-engage subscribers on past content

Consider using YouTube polls as a tool to redirect viewers to past and older video content to gain more views. New subscribers might not be familiar with all of your content, so YouTube polls can lead them to watch more. Polls are an essential tool to help creators gather information, interact with subscribers and guide the future of your channel. 

FAQ 1. Are YouTube polls answers anonymous?

Yes. YouTube polls are completely anonymous. Viewers and YouTube channel owners will not be able to see who has clicked on which poll option. 

FAQ 2. What if my YouTube channel doesn’t have 1000 subscribers?

If you have not reached 1000 or over subscribers yet, the Community tab will be unavailable. This means you will not be able to make any YouTube posts like polls, images, GIFs, or text posts. 

You can still upload regular YouTube video content to your channel. 

FAQ 3. How do I turn off polls on YouTube?

If you are a creator and no longer wish for a poll to be active, simply delete it from YouTube Studio. 

Subscribers will not be able to turn off viewing YouTube polls. 

Easily add a YouTube poll to your YouTube channel

Gather feedback and guidance from your audience and subscribers to take your YouTube channel to the next level. If you want to find out more on how to increase engagement on YouTube check out this guide to YouTube shorts for some amazing video ideas.

Create and publish beautiful YouTube videos without leaving your browser with Clipchamp’s free online video editor. 

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